More ROCK & CHIPS for BBC One

Rock & Chips

BBC One has ordered two new episodes of its Only Fools and Horses prequel, ROCK & CHIPS.

Rock & Chips shows us what our favourite wheeler-dealer and his pals were up to in their younger days and introduces us to the oft-mentioned mother Joan and conman Freddie the Frog.

In Five Gold Rings, Christmas is coming and money is tight in the Trotter household. Reg and Ted are still their usual workshy selves. It’s only Del who is bringing in any cash, from his market stall dealings in American imported records. So Joan is facing up to going back to work. Raynor has offered her her old job back at the Ritz cinema. But who will look after baby Rodney? Fortunately Joan can rely on her mother-in-law, Violet, much to Ted’s horror. Meanwhile, Del is busy getting himself a fiancee or two and Freddie is trying to avoid jail as his old nemesis DI Thomas is determined to nail him for the Margate jewellery robbery.

In the following episode – The Frog And The Pussycat – Joan longs for a new life. Reg has found her a job as a charlady but it’s not entirely suitable as her employer has a very different idea about her responsibilities. Del also has new aspirations – to become a movie producer. If only he could find the finance. Maybe his latest squeeze might persuade her father to invest… that would provide the answer to both of their problems!

Both episodes are now being shot on location. ‘Five Gold Rings’ should air in December.