MODERN FAMILY “Unplugged” Review

Modern Family (ABC) Unplugged

MODERN FAMILY “Unplugged” Season 2 Episode 5 – Phil and Claire have an unplugged contest with their kids, Cam and Mitchell find Lily a preschool, and Jay and Manny worry Gloria killed a dog in the “Unplugged” episode of MODERN FAMILY.

The Dunphys really could have a show all on their own. Oh, Phil, I mean Jebidiah–promising Haley a car if she can go unplugged longer than you can? Never underestimate a teenager’s desperate need for a car. Hee to Claire’s “I have almost no faith in you” and Phil’s “Can’t unplug my funny bone.” I love Luke the Destructor with his condo complex made of cans and his slurping cereal by putting his face in his bowl. Claire, I feel your pain of trying to reach a representative and you lasted longer than I would have, but making Alex write a paper with outdated encyclopedias is just cruel. Line of the night goes to Phil with “Nobody gets a car, I dump Tom Brady, and our long Amish nightmare is over” and gag of the night goes to Haley’s soap phone. “Holy crap. We’ve been Shawshanked.”

The Jay-Manny-Gloria storyline is better than we’ve had lately because of the Manny-Jay interaction and the awesome Gloria as a parrot gag. Manny with his shaking espresso cup kills me, and wow, does he sell “If she catches us, we’re as dead as that dog probably is.” To be fair to Manny and Jay, Gloria is more than a little scary in the garage. Obviously, stealing a dog is wrong, but since the poor thing was chained to a tree, my dog-loving heart has to side with Gloria. “Now the dog is happy, Manny can sleep, and we have pickles.” The pickles part cracks me up. I wonder if this will mark the end of Jay belittling Colombia? I doubt it, but I would pay to see an episode with Gloria, Manny, and Jay visiting Gloria’s village.

It takes Mitchell all of about two seconds to get hypercompetitive and obsessive about Lily’s preschool. Instead of the fun Wagon Wheel with its duckies, he wants hoity-toity Billingsley, the Harvard of preschools. “Leave it to the gays to raise the only underachieving Asian in America.” This is actually my least favorite arc of the episode, partly because I think the preschool bit has been done to death elsewhere and this, despite the “Disabled Asian Lesbians with an African kicker–didn`t see that one coming,” feels overly familiar and partly because Cam’s Native American shtick is painful.

Overall, this is a fun episode with plenty of laughs. The Dunphys rule all, but the Jay-Manny-Gloria bits have some great moments, too. Surprisingly, it’s the Cam and Mitchell story I find disappointing, but they can’t all be winners every week, even on Modern Family.

What did you think of “Unplugged?”

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