LIFE UNEXPECTED “Honeymoon Interrupted” Review

Life Unexpected (CW) - Honeymoon Interrupted

LIFE UNEXPECTED “Honeymoon Interrupted” Season 2 Episode 6 – Characters come to blows about their relationships in tonight’s LIFE UNEXPECTED. The episode “Honeymoon Interrupted” shows that secrets never remain secret. The truth always comes to light.

Cate plans a staycation with Ryan at a local hotel for some alone time, but it goes completely wrong. Baze and Emma end up at the same hotel for a company retreat. Lux sulks about Eric and Paige’s relationship. Cate learns from Paige that Julia is Ryan’s ex-girlfriend. Baze lets slip to that Cate had pre-wedding doubts.

Cate and Ryan’s wedded bliss didn’t last long, which I guess shouldn’t be surprising. They both had doubts about getting married. Would he have called off the wedding if Julia (the one that got away) was pregnant? Would she have called off the wedding if Baze had said he loved her? I never fully understood how/why Baze fell in love with Cate in the first place.

Baze takes a step forward to get over Cate. The mixed signals he receives from Emma kept me guessing all episode. I didn’t see Steve (or his sexual orientation) coming at all. Is Baze just attracted to how alike Emma is to Cate? Neurotic and independent on the outside, but vulnerable and fearful underneath. It’s sad to see that Baze’s dad still hasn’t lost his habit of belittling his son.

The best scene in tonight’s Life Unexpected goes to Eric and Lux. I was riveted, wondering when the adorably clueless Paige would walk in on them. Unfortunately she never did. I’m perplexed by Eric’s reaction to Lux’s attitude. He basically encourages her to continue their inappropriate relationship, albeit in a student and teacher capacity. It’s good that he wants to help her see her potential and test for the learning disability; but then he just hands her over to another teacher, giving no warning to an already emotionally-confused Lux. He should have cut things off from the start.

What are your thoughts on episode 6 “Honeymoon Interrupted” of Life Unexpected?