DETROIT 187 “Murder in Greektown/High School Confidential” Review

DETROIT 187 "Murder in Greektown/High School Confidential"

DETROIT 187 “Murder in Greektown/High School Confidential” Season 1 Episode 5 – This week’s episode of Detroit 187 dealt with the murder of a teenage girl that was not quite what it seemed and the homicide of a man in a restaurant in Greektown that was actually the result of a different crime.

When Fitch and Washington get a call about a possible homicide at Oakland Park Academy, they try to sneak out without telling the Lieutenant as her daughter attends the same school. However, she spots them and rushes to the scene herself. Luckily her daughter is not the victim and she takes her daughter back to the precinct with her so she can get some work done. After a cursory questioning about whether her daughter, Simone, knows the other girl, the Lieutenant drops it. As the investigation continues, it becomes obvious to Sanchez, and later Fitch, that Simone knows a lot more than she is telling. When the intial suspect, a construction worker in the area who is also a sex offender, falls through, the detectives quickly focus in on the deceased girl’s boyfriend. Once they find out that the girl was four months pregnant, they call the kid in for questioning. This agitates Simone who still will not talk. Eventually, Fitch oversteps his bounds with the Lieutenant and tells her that her daughter is impeding his investigation. Although reluctant to believe that her daughter could have anything to do with it, or know anything about it, she finally confronts Simone and tells her “you don’t have to tell me, but tell somebody.” Simone doesn’t tell anyone. It is only after Fitch follows her after she sneaks out of the precinct to go to a friend’s house that the case is cracked. Simone’s friend was being bullied by the deceased girl and swung at her to make her stop thereby accidentally killing her. Simone is filled with guilt because her friend was scared that morning and asked her to walk to school with her, but Simone was sick of being targeted by association. I enjoyed the turns that investigation took as it played out.

Meanwhile, Longford and Mahajan are investigating a homicide in the kitchen of a restaurant in Greektown. There is no murder weapon, no forced entry and no identification for the deceased. Talk about working from scratch. What the detectives do find is a bible, a pillow and a gun not used in the murder. These items lead them to Zoe Freemont, a former employee and girlfriend of the deceased. They inadverently find her at her church where she pulls on a gun on them. Longford talks her down by quoting bible passages with her which I suppose would work since she was heavily into religion apparently. She tells them that she had been staying in the restaurant because she did not have anywhere else to live and that Percy thought she still worked there. She invited him over to spend some time with her. Around 3 am, they heard something and found a man in uniform inside. He shot Percy and she ran away. The detectives think “police” wherein I screamed “security guard.” They talk to Percy’s father, a high paid and successful defense attorney who has been receiving threatening emails since a drug bust case where he accused a cop of lying. Nope, wasn’t that guy. Turns out it was the security guard, just not the one I thought. He traded his shift with another guard, the restaurant owner’s boyfriend. After the detectives find him and he blows up in his car while trying to escape, the puzzle pieces come together and the restaurant owner is called in. The burn and collect plan for the restaurant failed miserably and now the restaurant owner is responsible for the death of an innocent and his daughter’s boyfriend is in the hospital with second and third degree burns.

This week’s episode of Detroit 187 was very good. I really got into both homicide cases and liked how they took them both in different directions. I never guessed the end result of either of them, even if I guessed certain things along the way. The high school plot involving bullying was timely with all of the recent news. The arson/murder story was also very relevant to Detroit as it has seen plenty of those in its time. I also loved when Fitch called Sanchez on the phone from his desk to hers to tell her liked her hair. I am not a fan of playing up the possible romance angle, but that was cute all the same. What did you think of this week’s Detroit 187? Tell us what you thought in the comments below.

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