BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Little Buddy” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better With Little Buddy"

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Little Buddy” Season 1 Episode 5 – On this week’s episode of Better With You, Mia and Casey learn the gender of the baby which makes it that much more real to Casey while Maddie and Ben try to figure out how to get the Putney parents to stop harassing them.

Mia and Casey find out the gender of their baby which, as Ben predicted while complimenting Mia’s breasts, is a boy. They are thrilled, but Casey takes his joy to another level by talking nonstop to Mia’s belly and referring to the baby as “my little buddy.” Mia cannot understand why anyone would talk to a pregnant woman’s belly writing the whole thing off as silly. Casey’s obsession with his little buddy grows so much that he is no longer able to enjoy sex fearing the baby can hear them. First, he asks Mia to keep her shirt on so that it won’t feel like the baby is watching and then he apologizes throughout the act to the baby. Finally, he decides that they will not have sex again until the baby has his own room in college. Fearing for her sex life and her sanity, Mia tries to take Casey somewhere that will remind him of how sexy she is. However, 80s night doesn’t quite do the trick and Mia finds herself camping on Maddie and Ben’s couch.

Maddie and Ben have a different problem, Maddie’s parents involvement in their lives. Ben gets entirely too many emails from Vicky including choreographed prison dances and urban legends. Joel does Maddie’s taxes every year poring over the intimate details of her life and purchases. They both want to make the activity stop. Ben decides he will use the direct approach. Maddie is going to use the flattery approach. Ben’s tactic backfires as Vicky decides to first give Ben “Vick’s Picks of Urgent Links” in paper format and then just tell him about them and act them out for hours. Maddie’s flattery approach initially doesn’t work either and she finds herself involuntarily on an allowance. Ben finally caves and requests to be put back on Vick’s Picks of Urgent Links. Maddie, however, uses “Bugs Bunny” tactics on Joel to get it back to when he was just doing her taxes.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Better With You? I liked how the writers dealt with the different ways being pregnant can affect you. Even though it felt real to Casey, Mia wasn’t quite there yet. The baby kicking sure helped. My favorite part had to be Vicky and her Vick’s Picks of Urgent Links, espcially when she decided to act them out for Ben. Who knew Foreman’s mom could do the worm? I did miss the opening montage that showed the different couples doing one specific thing. It was fun to see what the week old realtionship did as compared to the 9 year and 30 year relationships. I wonder if they gave up on that? Tell us what you thought of this episode and share your favorite moments in the comments below.

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