THE EVENT “Casualties of War” Review

The Event

THE EVENT “Casualties of War” Season 1 Episode 5 – The focus of episode 5 lays heavily on President Martinez, and Thomas and his people. The passengers of Avias flight 514 are seriously ill, bleeding all over the place and going just a little crazy because of it. The medical staff can’t find any reason and, as one doctor says, they can’t treat what they don’t understand.

Thomas calls with a deal: the antidote in exchange for the 97 detainees. Reluctantly taking the rules to heart, Martinez agrees that they can’t negotiate with terrorists and turns the deal down. But then he counters: the antidote or all 97 detainees will be executed.

Simon Lee tries to get Thomas to agree. Flashbacks take us to the immediate aftermath of the crash and Sophia telling Thomas to flee with the uninjured. They find a shelter of some kind with food and a radio. Determining that the technology level of Earth is just too low, Thomas apparently takes off, because we next see him in New Mexico in 1945. He’s been helping to advance human technology, starting with nuclear fission. The atomic bomb? Thanks to Thomas, it seems.

Sterling readies an old termination protocol built into the Inostranka base that would kill the prisoners by filing their living quarters with carbon monoxide. Martinez is preparing himself to greenlight its use when Thomas calls. He’s willing to make a deal – the antidote in exchange for Sophia.

Martinez agrees. Thomas has the antidote delivered to the CDC, while the President has Sophia put onto an empty train to be picked up by Thomas’ people, but not before they put tracking substances into her food and drink. They want to find Thomas and end his hold on them. Will they?

Meanwhile Sean calls an old friend and asks him to track down Vicky’s cellphone location from her phone number. He buys a charger for his own cellphone and hears Leila’s voicemail, giving him her location in Snyder, Texas. He heads there with Collier.

But Leila’s noticed that the Officer Nugent isn’t who he says he is. And there’s blood on the carpet by his desk. Panicked, she excuses herself to the bathroom and breaks a window to try and escape, but she’s caught. Vicky and her accomplice, Carter, turn up soon after.

As do Sean and Collier. Sean’s friend gets back to him, letting him know Vicky is in Snyder. Sean realises what’s happening and blackmails Vicky, telling her he’ll send her sons image and address ‘viral’ if she doesn’t hand over Leila. So she does, killing everyone in the police station in order to do so. Sean and Leila escape. Vicky calls her boss to tell him that Sean brought FBI back up and killed everyone, including Carter. But Carter’s body is missing – he’s still alive, kidnapped by Collier, Sean and Leila.

Before I even contemplate the events of this week’s episode, I have a question. Where is Leila’s sister? She was alive in the pilot, she was alive after Leila was first kidnapped, and then suddenly Leila is in a shipping container sans sister, and now she’s in Snyder, Texas telling Sean that she loves him, that she’s okay – still sans sister. Was it ever mentioned that the kid was killed or released? If not, why isn’t Leila bothering to mention/ask/talk about her?

This was a pretty solid episode, but The Event is still missing something for me. While this episode seemed to make a lot more sense than previous episodes, it was just a little too simple, a lot of ‘you wouldn’t’s and ‘I would’s, leading to obvious conclusions. It was screamingly obvious Martinez wouldn’t kill the detainees, just as it was obvious that Sean would end up using the photograph of Adam to blackmail Vicki. We didn’t even get one of my favorite TV tropes, the ‘What Measure Is A Non Human‘ discussion between Martinez and his wife, when it would have fit in so smoothly.

The flashbacks were less intrusive this week, and at least one was very interesting indeed, for reasons outside of the show’s purview for now. Thomas was in New Mexico in 1945 helping to create the atom bomb. But as sci-fi buffs will know, the current UFO trend was partially started by a supposed alien craft crashing in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Could that factor into Thomas’ past somehow?

Though a little disappointing, this episode shows The Event has promise. Stakes need to be raised and we still need to care about these characters as people, but the series seems to be well on its way.

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