SPOOKS Season 9 Episode 5 Review

Spooks 9.05

Spooks Season 9 Episode 5 – I’m starting to see Spooks’ pattern now, the whole triple bluff layout of the storylines. That’s not a bad thing, it just means I know to expect another twist after the issue is seemingly resolved. And I will admit that the twist in this episode’s plot was fairly obvious to me – but the one involving Lucas definitely was not.

A supposed terrorist, Hutri, seemingly plans to attack peace talks between Israel and Palestine, which is being mediated by the President of the United States. The Spooks manage to track him down, but he floors them with the revelation that he is in fact out to save the President from another assassin. The Spooks manage to get this guy too – not before he shoots the Palestinian delegate (he’s fine).

And then, wait, it’s actually one of the Israeli delegates who’s the real assassin. The army-trained, bitter daughter, who wielded her ‘insulin’ shot like it was a weapon. It was pretty obvious from the outset. I was more surprised by the fact Dimitri didn’t flirt with her – it seemed to be heading that way at points.

But then came the awesome part of this episode. The little Lucas tag scene that the previouslies had obviously been setting us up for. Lucas goes to visit Maya at her house, but she’s panicky. Her partner, Michael, is home. Lucas is about to leave when Michael appears and Maya is forced to introduce the two. ‘Michael’, Maya’s fit and healthy lover is none other than the supposedly ailing, pleading Vaughn. Looks like giving Vaughn the MI5 file he wanted was never going to be enough to get rid of him. What is he up to?

I have to tell the truth here, which also means I’m about to sound completely un-PC. It took me until just after Beth’s kidnap to realise that the ‘bad guy’ was actually two different men. I assumed Hutri looked different in the bath because he was wet, but it wasn’t until Beth’s kidnap and my consequent ‘he looks really different’ that I realised it was actually two men. Either I was tired or they did look similar and it wasn’t made entirely clear – I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Dimitri and Beth going undercover was great – even if Beth didn’t stay undercover for long. I have to be shallow for a moment and point out how good Dimitri looks in a suit. They need a reason for him to wear them more often. One thing he is doing more often is disarming bombs, it seems. It’s a nice move – his seeming lack of knowledge on the subject makes the situation really tense. Will he manage to disarm the bomb or will he go bye-bye?

I found myself liking Beth again, despite my initial reservations about her. I’m still wondering why Jad didn’t just kill her though. What did he gain from keeping her alive?

Overall, a good episode, if a little confusing yet predictable. The highlight of the entire thing had to be the end and the Michael/Vaughn reveal. I can’t wait to see what he’s up to and, more importantly, what Lucas is so desperate to hide from Maya.

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