NCIS “Dead Air” Review

NCIS "Dead Air" Review

NCIS “Dead Air” Season 8 Episode 5 – A smart-alecky radio DJ and a naval officer are murdered while on the air, leading Gibbs and the team to find out who did it and why. The DJ was being heavily recruited by a militia group, but rather than being from the backwoods, this one turns out to be headquartered in gold old suburbia. These people believe that the only way to get the attention of the government and some of the funds spent on fighting wars in other lands; is to become a threat themselves. They go about buying a bomb and before they can get the trigger for it, Ziva steps in and goes undercover as a woman interested in joining their cause and helping them secure what they need. Turns out the bomb purchaser didn’t pull the trigger, but another member of the group. When they find out that yet another member is going through with plan to detonate the thing at a girl’s baseball game full of parents of government officials, the team gets there just in time to clear everyone out before the bomb goes kaflooey.

First up, a least favorite bit..

The National Weather Service interrupting not once, but twice, during the episode to announce that a huge storm was doing damage in an area about two hours away from me.

We now return to our regularly scheduled favorite bits….

Gibbs asking McGee if there was an app for doing his job. LOL.

Gibbs sniffing the female deer urine. Um.. ew.

This bit:
Abby: “Gibbs! Trying to give me heart palpitations?”
Gibbs: “No. What’ve you got, Abs?”
Abby: “Heart palpitations”

Ziva pointing out that a white picket provides neither security or privacy. I never thought of it that way, but she’s absolutely right. I still want on though. LOL.

Tony running to catch up with the “jogger people”.

Kinda wondering why Tony was the one interviewing all the people while Ziva and McGee sat on their asses in the car.

Abby being nice enough to let Tony have some of her Caff-Pow! Well it’s nice to see that someone cares.

McGee completely erasing the last five years of Ziva’s past making for a pretty quick undercover ID.

Deeter ignoring Tony’s badge but then wisely stopping when he came face to face with Gibbs’ gun.

Tony holding up the q-tip showing a positive result for bombs and telling Deeter he was pregnant. OMG totally classic DiNozzo right there.

Tony’s squeaky cries for help and Gibbs coming in to the rescue.

Ducky trying to examine Tony in the middle of the squadroom while his patient kept squirming and talking.

Seeing that Haskell hides his explosives in the freezer. I mean that’s where you’re supposed to keep high grade explosives, right?

Tony trying to add what little he could as McGee presented the evidence they had against Nelson.

Finding out that they totally bluffed the whole interview with Nelson. OMG, brilliant! I just about lost it when Tony opened the jar and started drinking the “deer urine”.

Gibbs getting the truth from Nelson by letting him see his daughter on the other side of the interrogation window.

Giggling a little at the “that was just my knee” line from Tony. Nice reference to Season 3’s “Under Covers” episode, even if it did seem a wee bit forced to me.

Finally figuring out where the tiny clip of Gibbs throwing a baseball in the current season’s opening credits came from. Just love that smile he has when he tosses it.

Overall another great episode in this season of NCIS. Honestly I’m trying to find fault as I feel like a broken record, but I did like it other than that little “Tiva” moment (cuz I hate those). Luckily those are few and far between so I’m able to ignore them pretty easily. Other than that the team interaction was pretty good and the storyline kept me interested. I can’t ask for anything more than that.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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