MYTHBUSTERS Recruits President Obama

Obama on Mythbusters

The Secret Service must have loved this one. President Obama will appear on an episode of the normally explosion-heavy MYTHBUSTERS.

The Wrap reports that the president announced his upcoming guest shot as part of White House Science Fair. He will help hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman test Archimedes’ solar ray, determining if it’s possible to light ships on fire using only mirrors and solar rays.

As cool as that is, President Obama was apparently hoping for something more explosive. “I can announce today that I taped a special guest appearance for their show, although I didn’t get blow anything up…I was a little frustrated about that,” Obama said.

I have to say that I love that President Obama is letting his nerd flag fly, trying to get people excited about science.

Mythbusters airs on Discovery Channel Wednesdays at 9pm/8 central. President Obama’s episode will air December 8.