MELISSA & JOEY “A Fright in the Attic” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "A Fright in the Attic"

MELISSA & JOEY “A Fright in the Attic” Season 1 Episode 11 – This week’s episode of Melissa & Joey was Halloween themed while keeping with the central plot of the show and handling the surprises with the usual wit and sarcasm.

Mel decides to go all out for Halloween just like Lennox and Ryder’s parents used to do with them. However, the kids are not interested in anything having to do with Halloween. They resist her every suggestion and even mock her costume choice although honestly I had no idea what she was supposed to be either. It turns out that the kids have another idea on how to celebrate Fright Night and it originates in the attic.

When Joey starts hearing scratching and scraping noises, he becomes convinced that there is a rat in the attic. He and Ryder check out the attic and find nothing. Then Mel’s neighbor, Myrna (played by the delightful Julia Duffy – where has she been?), tells them that many years ago an old man died while in the attic and rats ate him. Joey then becomes convinced it is a ghost. He makes a “play date” to talk with the ghost at nightfall. Joey thinks he will be confronting his fears but ends up confronting Lewis Scanlon, the children’s father and local celebrity convict on the lam. The children have been hiding him in the attic for days with the hope of spending one last Halloween together. Joey, always the softie, agrees to let them have that and also tells them to keep it from Mel.

Mel immediately knows that Joey is not telling her the truth about what is in the attic and when she finds out it is Lewis, she knows she must call the cops. Unfortunately, it is Halloween and Lewis Scanlon is the in costume of the season. Thus, the cops think it is a prank call. Mel and Joey go to a party in search of, and find, Lewis and the children. Lewis agrees to turn himself in, a cop arrests him and off he goes laughing and waving in Joey’s newly recovered Porsche.

Okay, I loved this episode. I did. I suspected the children were hiding someone in the attic but didn’t think it was their father! I liked the conflict between what Ryder wanted and what Lennox wanted, as well as the conflict within Ryder to do what is right and his desire to spend time with his father. I also loved that despite all of his anger toward Lewis, Joey was able to set that aside for the children, whether it was wise or not. I think this show just keeps getting better!

Other highlights for me were the references to teenage witch, and of course the jokes such as about ghosts “There are books and articles on them. And cartoons!”. I have noticed that Melissa Joan Hart’s jokes and timing are right on the mark now.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Melissa & Joey? What was your favorite line or moment? Share them with us in the comments below.

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