CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Couch Lock” Review

Chuck "vs the Couch Lock" NBC

CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Couch Lock” Season 4 Episode 5- We’re greeted with a blast from Casey’s past: on a mission some years ago his A-team betrayed him and went after gold instead of accomplishing the mission. Casey brought them down, but Chuck needs to contact them again as they may be the key to locating his mother. In order to lure his old team out into the open, they decide that Casey must die.

Casey gets some tetrodotoxin (I think) to fake his own death. When Ellie tells Chuck that she wants him to find their mother after she and Awesome find out they’re having a baby girl (yay!), he has even more incentive to find her. At Casey’s funeral, as predicted, one of his ex-team members arrives. Casey’s hands are stabbed, burned and in the end he is kidnapped by his old team.

Morgan has to work on telling Casey about his relationship with Alex (eh…why doesn’t Alex tell her own father about her relationship with Morgan? This isn’t the 1950s).

Casey is saved by the bell as the baddies try to chop off his arm, giving him enough time for some serious ass whooping, where he calls Chuck…just in time for Jeff and Lester to save him.

Sarah and Chuck meanwhile get caught in some laser explosives. I loved their exchange. They totally sound like a real couple.

Unfortunately for Morgan, when Casey’s ‘dead’ body is brought to his house, Alex comes over to his house. They’re interrupted by one of Casey’s old team members, who reveals that Chuck and Sarah are kidnapped in Iran.

After finally telling Casey about his relationship with Alex to raise his heart rate, Casey and Mogan head to Iran to rescue them.

Chuck and Sarah find out that Frost (Chuck’s mother) is not a prisoner, but the boss, which has Chuck in a bit of a downer.

Unfortunately Casey’s ambush is hindered by technical difficulties, which luckily doesn’t hinder Morgan who takes out Casey’s old team and takes in 10,000 volts.

Casey joins the party and Alex arrives and, with Casey’s blessing, she and Morgan embark on a relationship. I really hope they develop her character: she is Casey’s daughter. She has to have some awesomeness to her. At the moment she’s too wishy washy.

Chuck decides to stop looking for his mother, who abandoned him. This is before he receives a phone call from the one and only mommy dearst.

I thought it was a stellar episode. I love it when Casey gets moved front and center, and I love the way the writers are handling the Chuck and Sarah relationship. What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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