CASTLE “Anatomy of a Murder” Review

CASTLE "Anatomy of a Murder" Review

CASTLE “Anatomy of a Murder” Season 3 Episode 5 – An extra body is found in a coffin as someone tries to find the perfect way to hide a murder. The method of the slaying suggests that the woman, a doctor, could have possibly been killed by one of her co-workers. But there’s a lot to the saintly doctor’s story and Beckett and Castle have quite the time tracking down all of the clues. First there’s the fact that the woman was a concierge doc to a former drug dealer, then that she was acting as an informant for a man working in the DA’s office. Finally the evidence points straight to a nurse who was using every doctor in the hospital to help him get his girlfriend out of jail. When the two are caught after a brief moment on the run, it looks like they’ve got their man. But in another twist it turns out to be the former drug lord’s brother. Thinking he was protecting his brother, the man killed the doctor when he spotted her meeting with the man from the DA’s office, not realizing she wasn’t betraying his brother at all.

My favorite bits…

Castle covering his ears when Alexis tried to say that she and her boyfriend had their first kiss to their favorite song.

Beckett accusing Castle of playing with his phone when he was really looking for clues as to what the victim’s last searches were.

Castle finding out that Beckett’s “motorcycle boy” was actually a cardiac surgeon.

Castle telling a steamy story about McDreamy and Naughty Nurse McClicktock… only to find that the nurse was a man… and sticking with his story anyway.

The doctor with the crutch going by – nice nod to ER there.

Cracking up at the “seriously” volley.

Beckett pointing out to Castle that Gina getting Alexis the tickets showed that she cared for her.

Castle naming off the three reasons why Katonah was great, including the fact that it was where Martha Stewart lives.

This line – “Nothing says. I’m an ass, like helium-filled rubber.”

Gina saying she didn’t want to be an outsider with Alexis.

Castle remarking that Greg wasn’t McDreamy or McSteamy, he was McSchemey.

Beckett and Castle going over the love letters together and the little look between them when one of the letters kinda rang true.

Beckett sneakily sending troopers to Burger-opolis after convincing him to think it was a stupid idea.

Alexis telling Castle that Gina said the tickets were from both of them.

Martha saying that the mark of true love was being willing to break someone out of prison.

Beckett and Castle going over the evidence again to help the lovers and bringing them a special dinner. Aw, so freaking cute I can hardly stand it.

Beckett having no idea how much her casual “don’t worry Castle, I’d get you out” floored him after what his mother said earlier.

Oh man, this season of Castle is really messing with us isn’t it? Beckett and Castle continue to dance around each other in that way they do so well, but with added complications like each of them dating someone else. I’m actually starting to like Gina and I’m wondering when we’re going to get to know Motorcycle Man a little better. Oh I’m sure these relationships won’t last but it’s fun seeing the extra angst they throw on the fire.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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