TOWER PREP (Cartoon Network) First Look

Tower Prep (Cartoon Network) Cast
Take a first look at Cartoon Network’s new original series TOWER PREP, which premieres Tuesday October 19 at 8pm. If you enjoyed Cartoon Network’s Unnatural History over the summer (like I did), then you mustn’t miss Tower Prep. Make sure you check out 7 clips from the show as well as tons of great photos.

Tower Prep Synopsis: Tower Prep is a one-hour weekly action-thriller that tells the story of Ian Archer (Drew Van Acker), a budding hero who wakes up one morning to find himself at a mysterious academy for teens with special abilities. Unable to find answers to his questions from the school’s faculty and cut off from any kind of outside contact or means of escape, Ian forms a secret group with other suspicious students Gabe Forrest (Ryan Pinkston), CJ Ward (Elise Gatien) and Suki Sato (Dyana Liu), intent on discovering what this place is and why they are there.

Tower Prep is produced by Cartoon Network Studios in association with Dolphin Entertainment. The series is executive-produced and created by Paul Dini (Lost, Batman Beyond). Glen Morgan (Bionic Woman) and Bill O’Dowd (Zoey 101) serve as executive producers.

Episode Synopsis: TOWER PREP “New Kid” Season 1 Episode 1- After getting into a fight at school, Ian Archer wakes up at a mysterious prep school with no idea how he got there. He is told by the school’s administrator, known simply as Headmaster, that he has been brought there to reach his unique potential through “The Program” and that all the students at Tower Prep possess exceptional abilities. Ian briefly attempts to adjust to his new surroundings but after receiving a distressing anonymous note in class, he decides to escape. Making a break for the woods, Ian comes face to face with The Gnomes – mysterious beings who patrol the school grounds. While fleeing The Gnomes, Ian runs into Gabe Forrest, CJ Ward and Suki Sato, three fellow students also looking for an escape. They decide to band together – playing along with being a part of The Program while secretly trying to uncover the mysteries of Tower Prep.

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