Mike & Molly “Carl is Jealous” Review

MIKE & MOLLY (CBS) Carl is Jealous
MIKE & MOLLY “Carl is Jealous” Season 1 Episode 5 – Predictable comedies seem to be all the rage at CBS. I have tried and tried liking MIKE & MOLLY, honestly I have, but tonight’s episode was so littered with cliches that it was almost impossible to see anything positive about it. Apparently it took till the fifth episode for us to move past 22 minutes filled with dated fat jokes to get to the even more predictable guffaws from ‘being whipped’. With all this talent, you would think the writers could think of any other situation that wasn’t so cliched. Sadly if you thought this it was wrong.

Carl and Mike have been partners, and best friends, for nearly five years, but instead of celebrating like I guess cops do for these things, Mike is getting called out for being whipped. I mean the guy went to the Symphony and is drinking tea now. And horrors of all horrors, he said no to pea soup. How broken can a man be by a woman to deny himself pea soup from a coffee shop I wonder? The partners bicker about being whipped and changing for lady friends and it seems Carl is just pretty bummed he is still single after all these years. And while Mike and Molly try and move to the next step in their relationship, and I do not mean drinking tea, it seems the cosmos just want to stop the progression in their tracks. Or just Molly’s mom with a frying pan. Mike on the way to hospital lets Molly know that he will do anything to get serious with her and I hope next week brings the inevitable awkward sexy scenes.

From the comments each week, I know a handful of you seem to enjoy this show, and it’s pretty difficult for me to review it each week when I see such possibilities and then utter failure. I don’t want to hate all over Mike & Molly, but the writers are making it pretty hard for me not to. So I am pleading, begging and asking nicely that Chuck Lorre and the folks behind this sitcom think even remotely outside the box. Ease up on the fat jokes, and the obvious digs at women who aren’t impressed by pea soup, and let’s get a little smarter here?