LIE TO ME “Dirty Loyal” Review

Lie To Me "Dirty Loyal" Review

LIE TO ME “Dirty Loyal” Season 3 Episode 3 – Loyalties and friendships are stretched to the limit in this episode as Cal’s new friend on the police force gets into some deep trouble. Walloski and her partner are seen on camera involved in the beating of a suspect. The man turns up dead just a day later and an eyewitness swears she saw Walloski do it. Cal knows that she’s much more vulnerable behind bars and with the help of Eli and Foster, they find out that the eyewitness made a mistake. Getting Walloski out of jail is only the first step as Cal is determined to find the real connection between Walloski and another gang member named Suarez. In the end it turns out that Suarez is Farr’s son and Walloski has known all along, forcing Cal to coach her how to lie so that she can be questioned by his own team. Foster can see the woman has been coached but decides to side with her partner, telling IA that Walloski didn’t know anything about Farr’s relationship with Suarez.

My favorite bits…

Cal pointing out to Walloski that it wasn’t so much fun killing cardboard.

Cal picking up the gun and shooting the poor cardboard man in the family jewels.

Cal telling Wallowski that she did need his help, she just didn’t know how to ask.. and then taking her flask away.

Cal spotting in less than half a second the fact that Farr being on the take didn’t come as a surprise to Walloski.

Foster showing Cal the photos IA sent her of he and Walloski together, not all of which could be explained as “business meetings”.

Cal asking Walloski if she had a spoon so she could dig her way out while he distracted the guards. LOL.

Eli ignoring Cal when he asked “Didn’t I take your desk away?”

Cal jumping completely out of his skin when Foster snuck up behind him.

Cal getting the kid to tell him that Walloski didn’t do it by offering him fifty bucks and a free punch to the gut. Nice.

Cracking up when Cal used the word “tinkle”.

Having a brief moment of “WTF?” when Eli disappeared and a new guy was standing in his place. Nice demonstration of ‘change blindness’ and I’m glad to see I obviously don’t have it.

Cal asking Walloski if they should go straight to sex after they got the initial conversation out of the way.

Saying “uh oh” when I heard the rumble of that engine outside of Cal’s place.

Cal telling Farr that his tie makes his neck “blob out a bit”.

Being floored to see Cal teaching Walloski how to lie just as Reyes and Foster were teaching the IA lady how to spot the truth.

Foster saying that Walloski wasn’t lying.

Cal pulling a disappearing act to let the two women in his life have a moment alone.

Whew, talk about an intense episode of Lie To Me. As a character I think Walloski is okay. As for what she’s doing to the dynamic between Cal and the rest of his team? I think the jury is still out on that one for me. Do I hate her? No. Am I warming to her? Not quite. Still in love with Cal and the rest of the team though so I’m gonna just bide my time and enjoy watching them for now.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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