EASTBOUND & DOWN “Chapter 10” Review


EASTBOUND & DOWN “Chapter 10” Season 2 Episode 4 – And the quest for Eduardo Suarez continues on EASTBOUND & DOWN. Kenny Powers is living the high life down in Mexico. Hot girlfriend, expensive suits and tasty dinners are all a part of his life once again thank to baseball. But as we know, it’s impossible for Powers to stay on top in anything for too long. Power’s ability in his own self sabotage possibly rivals only that of Larry David’s on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” More than audience participation, Kenny loves when he is necessary, and this is especially the case when it comes to his lady friends. He has inserted his way into almost ever facet of his new girlfriend Vida’s life and that now includes her career. Unfortunately it seems that Sebastian wants to make more than sweet music with her and Kenny is once again alone and most importantly, bitter.

Kenny Powers is not one to let his bitterness stir all by itself and forces Stevie to end things with his first girlfriend ever Maria. He also allows his drunkenness and need for audience participation get in his way of doing the only he loves and Roger won’t let him play until he cleans up his act. And I don’t believe shooting a soccer ball during the sixth inning will get him off the bench any time soon. But let’s all just admit that we don’t hang with Kenny Powers and his rag tag group to view his high times. Sure, him on a boat with a sexy lady on his arm is pretty great, but I am firm believer in the down and out fool that Kenny becomes when he hits rock bottom. The downfall of Kenny Powers will be for the joy of all of us, and I am excited to see how low he will go. Without baseball to bide his time in Mexico, there is nothing else to do but to continue the search that evidently brought in south of the border to begin with.

Newly single Stevie was able to track down Mr. Eduardo Sanchez, and broken-down Kenny decided it was the perfect time to come face to face with him. After stealing Sebastian’s car to visit Sanchez, Kenny is finally with Sanchez, who just so happens to be a white guy with some lame facial hair and a mullet. Does that sound familiar to anyone? And my dreams came true when Sanchez, played by the one and only Don Johnson, turns out to be Kenny’s DAD! Oh the possibilities this brings to the show are endless. And it will be one fun ride figuring out how, why and when Kenny’s dad ended up in Mexico. One thing is for sure with Kenny fixing some daddy issues, we can only assume the hilariously dark times are just beginning for Powers.