DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “The Thing That Counts Is What’s Inside” Review

Desperate Housewives "The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside" ABC

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “What Counts Is What’s Inside” Season 7 Episode 4- Gabby and Carlos are about to meet their biological daughter and their parents. They can spot that Gabby’s daughter has her DNA immediately from her brattiness.

Gabby reveals to the others that not only is Juanita not her biological daughter, but she has also found her biological daughter, Grace. Gabby tries to enforce her fashions onto the family of the biological daughter, but they are having none of it. This does nothing to deter Gabby, who is determined to see her daughter get what she could never afford.

Meanwhile, Susan is having trouble: the house cleaning stripper company is going national, and a billboard campaign is being put up. To make up more money she gets involved in racier content.

Lynette leaves the baby with Penny when she goes to the shop. When Lynette heads to poker, she leaves Penny the baby. Has she never heard of Madeline McCann? Apparently not; when Bree ropes her in for a tete a tete, Penny brings the baby to school. Lynette is the target of many a judgemental glare. After a pep talk with Penny, she demands a nanny.

Keith has a big surprise for Bree: tickets to the Black Eyed Peas. Unfortunately before she can completely recover, Danielle and Bree’s grandson whose name I do not know show up. Renee kindly sent them first class tickets. In retaliation, Bree pulls a really unfunny prank by getting one of her dwarf church friends to scare her.

Betsy and Paul run into some tangles when she finds out he bought his old house. Mrs McClusky is forced to think about who will get her house once she is gone by Paul, who creepily arrives to remind her that one day her hip will break. She tells Betsy that Paul threatened her, which can only lead to one thing: pepper chopping.

I cannot articulate just how much I deplored the Bree storyline, or how unrealistically irresponsible Lynette was, or how idiotic Susan’s storylines are getting. Thank you Gabby, for remaining the only consistently entertaining housewife throughout the show’s run. What did you think of this episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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