CSI: MIAMI “See No Evil” Review

CSI: MIAMI (CBS) See No Evil
CSI: MIAMI “See No Evil” Season 9 Episode 3 – This week’s CSI: MIAMI actually managed to keep my interested through the entire episode of “See No Evil”. It was interesting, engaging, and didn’t have any unnecessary filler content that we’ve seen in the last episodes of season 9.

“See No Evil” begins like any other episode of CSI: Miami, the sunny beaches, tourists walking around without a care, and then it segued into the most disgusting public bathroom I have EVER seen.

That was pretty much the scariest part of the episode – never mind the vest made of explosives, did you SEE the floor in that bathroom? It was something straight out of a horror movie; and looked it was BEGGING for someone to carry out a kidnapping.

As the only witness to said kidnapping, Ben Wilcox (Jonathan Keltz) helps out the team by using methods a little different than we normally see on the show. Ben’s blind, so he can’t provide a description of the suspect, but using his other senses, manages to lead the CSIs right to the guilty party.

As played out as it is, I always enjoy watching Horatio interact with a child or teenager. I understand that this happens pretty frequently, but the way his entire demeanor changes is really interesting to watch. This happened this week outside the bank, when Horatio and Ryan find Lindsey (and her vest of explosives), and H asked her (for whatever reason) to turn to her left.

I was probably just as confused as Lindsey was, but once I realized that Horatio had managed to get pictures of the explosive device from the ATV directly to Lindsey’s left, I found that to be brilliant.

Bringing back Joe LeBrock (John Sharian) I thought, was a great move. I love to see returning characters in my series, and this story line that was introduced this week piqued my interest.

A massive jail break is a hard thing for writers to pull over realistically, but I thought the way that CSI: Miami has it laid it out is as realistic as I’ve seen on a crime show. I absolutely LOVED the way that the escaped prisoners tie into next weeks “Manhunt”. For the first time in a while I’m looking forward to Sunday night TV!