THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 2” Review

X Factor Results Show 2

THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 2” Review-It’s double elimination time! Come on Carmina Burana! Come on epileptic inducing lights! Come on weird fashions! Come on…did Cheryl just salute us?

Because Lady Gaga’s music has not been massacred enough in the competition, the remaining fourteen are called up to screech Telephone. Except…they’re not. Are they…are they singing and not miming? I actually…no, my cynicism is being overwhelmed…I-I-I love it. I really do! It’s awesome. I even rewound it (that is not cool, is it?) The blonde one from Belle Amie looks remarkably like Holly Willoughby. And they look awesome. Red is a really good color for most of them. Especially Treyc, who is actually hot. This is definately the best group performance ever.

Up next is Diana Vickers (after 30 minutes of recap that is). She is definately in my top five contestants ever so I am actually quite excited.

Diana Vickers is dressed in a bathing suit and a shawl. What happened to you Diana? I loved your bare feet! I loved The Claw! I loved your untamable hair. I almost bought your album (then I heard the songs). She sings her single My Wicked Heart. I don’t understand what the circus act going on around her has to do with the song. There are a lot of ‘whoop’-ing. Diana: stand still and sing a song. She never had to ‘perform’ to perform when she was a contestant and having dancers dance around you does not mean you are dancing-I thought Call Me taught you that much!

Katy Perry is up next and she’s singing Firework in a leotard. If I had her figure, I would wear nothing but leotards. It is one of the best live performances I’ve heard her give…at least she’s making an attempt to move with her dancers: take note, Diana, and be glad you didn’t have to follow her. It’s an inspiration dance song. Her performance, fireworks and all, is really cool. She manages to make a desperate plea for a job from Simon not so desperate.

The results are in, and…Storm is out.

Belle Amie and Diva Fever are in the bottom two. Louis sends home Diva Fever. Dannii (who has a 1930s actress do going on) sends home Diva Fever. Cheryl sends Diva Fever home, which means people are so over the Jedward phase. It also means Cheryl is the only judge with all four acts remaining. Until next week…da da dum…

Did the right people go home? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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