THE AMAZING RACE “We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads” Recap


THE AMAZING RACE “We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads” Season 17 Episode 4 –The teams go “from the furnace to the freezer,” from Ghana all the way to the arctic circle, in the “We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads” episode of THE AMAZING RACE.

We start with a snippet of the teams working at the Asebedia Primary School during their pit stop. So very cool. Then the last leg’s winners, Connor and Jonathan, are first to grab their clue and learn they’re heading to Lapland. All the teams are given plane tickets on the same flight to Frankfurt and then on to Sweden, but they are under no obligation to use them. Michael and Kevin call ahead and learn there’s an earlier flight they can connect to in Frankfurt . When they get to the airport, they tell Gary and Mallory. At the airport, Nat and Kat hop on the internet and book an earlier flight out of Frankfurt, tipping off Brook and Claire. All four of those teams make the earlier connecting flight, and upon landing in Sweden, they head to the Ice Hotel’s warehouse for their first clue, which is encased in a big block of ice and tells them to head to Fjellborg’s Lodge.

Speed Bump: Michael and Kevin must sit on chairs made of ice for ten minutes as they watch fireplace TV. I know we don’t want to cripple the last place team, but shouldn’t there be something more challenging involved?

On the way to the lodge, Nat and Kat and Brook and Clair head down a wrong road, but find their way back seemingly without incident. From the second wave, Jill and Thomas have the toughest time when they run a mile in the wrong direction.

Road Block: Teammates must lead a team of snow dogs around a course, and since there’s no snow, the sled is more of a wheeled, motorized chariot. Along the course, they need to grab flags that are hanging above them. It’s a straightforward task that’s much harder on the adorable dogs then the racers. There is quite the hilarious doggie traffic jam at one point. The order of finish is Michael, Kat, Claire, Mallory (she had to take a penalty lap because she missed her first flag), Connor, Nick, Katie, Stephanie, and Jill and the teams then head to the Vassejaure train station.

Detour: Sleds or Beds. In sleds, teams go to the top of a mountain and use extreme sport Tech Sled to get down a course in less than one minute, fifty-eight seconds. If they don’t make it, they must go back to the top of the mountain and try again until they succeed. In beds, the teams go to settlement of Sami people and set up a tent dwelling called a Goahti, including adding pelt bedding and a fire.

Sleds:Nat and Kat, Brook and Claire, Gary and Mallory, Connor and Jonathan, Chad and Stephanie, Nick and Vicky, and Katie and Rachel choose this one. Nat and Kat and Gary and Mallory take two runs to make the time, while Brook and Claire have a great first and only run. Jonathan and Stephanie (welcome back, douchey Chad) both have a terrible time, so their teams end up switching tasks. Nick and Vicky (“Our team is much more physical then mental”) handle the course easily, but Katie and Rachel switch after they practically lose a Tech Sled off the side of the mountain.

Beds:Michael and Kevin and Jill and Thomas are the only two teams to initially choose this one, though Chad and Stephanie, Katie and Rachel, and Connor and Jonathan all eventually head there. Michael and Kevin get out of here first, Jill and Thomas take one look at how much work the task is and turn in their express pass, Chad and Stephanie whiz through, while Katie and Rachel are denied on their first inspection, but recover well and beat out Connor and Jonathan.

Pit Stop–The Norwegian border–Nat and Kat win and get a trip to Belize; Gary and Mallory take second with Brook and Claire seconds behind. Michael and Kevin are a very happy fourth and Jill and Thomas a relieved fifth. Nick and Vicky take sixth and Chad and Stephanie are seventh. Katie and Rachel come in eighth and Connor and Jonathan sing their way (sniffle) to last place and elimination. They then sing themselves on the stage–on their Princeton graduation day, no less. Did I mention the sniffle? I’ll miss Team Glee.

Notes: Nick was joking when he asked the cabbie in Ghana if he could drive them to Sweden, right? Sad I have to ask. Connor and Jonathan: I love you, but when you are the first team at the airport, you do everything you can to find an earlier flight! While Brook and Claire have very entertaining talking heads, complete with sound effects, they could tone it down a bit. “Guess it’s time to put on clothes? Darn!” “We have a kiss count going.” Ick. Mallory may be the most genuinely enthusiastic racer yet. I’m starting to get my hopes up that an all-female team may finally win The Amazing Race. Shhh–don’t jinx it.

What did you think of this leg? Are you sorry to see Team Glee go? Were Jill and Thomas right to use their Express Pass?

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