MERLIN “The Changeling” Review

MERLIN The Changeling (BBC)

MERLIN “Changeling” Season 3 Episode 6- A blue fairy puts curse on a baby, which is never a nice thing to do, especially when that baby turns into the princess Elena. The curse makes her about as dainty as a goat on ice. Oh, and now changeling lives inside her, giving her terrible nightmares.

Unfortunately for Arthur, the princess Elena is now matched to him. Matched as in they are to be married. When Arthur protests that he has no feelings for Elena, Uther encourages him to find some. Why did Merlin prevent Morgana killing him again?

Elena’s maid is a sorceress-a very warty sorceress-who is working to infiltrate Camelot using Elena. She takes a liking to Gaius, and I’m glad to see that Merlin shares my disgust at this coupling.

Elena and Arthur go riding through the woods. Though he is impressed with her horsemanship, their flirting doesn’t go too well after she sneezes on him.

Merlin, up to his usual spying and eavesdropping games, catches Elena’s maid licking flies off a leaf with her purple tongue. He confides in Gaius, who takes the initiative to go snooping in Elena’s maid’s room, where he finds pixie dust. And flirts with the maid. Ew.

At dinner, Arthur tells his father that he cannot marry someone he does not love, which has Gwen looking very upset. Morgana, adapting to her role as Queen B quite well, has a rather uninspiring pep talk with Gwen.

Gwen and Arthur have a teary heart to heart before Arthur proposes to Elena for the sake of Camelot. Boo.

Elena’s maid reveals to the main blue Sithe fairy thing that Merlin knows about the changeling. This makes him rather angry, and he fights Merlin, who destroys him in a sorcery battle.

Merlin destroys Elena’s maid in a duel that made me dislike Merlin quite a bit while Gaius gives Elena the potion. Merlin takes control of the situation, which made me like him again, and feeds Elena the potion and without further ado, destroys the changeling.

At the alter, Arthur stops the ceremony and refuses to marry Elena, who is thankful that Arthur took the initiative.

I thought this episode was a real dip in the quality of the third series. It was neither as funny or as dramatic as it could have been and nothing happened to advance the overall plot. What did you make of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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