SUPERNATURAL “Weekend at Bobby’s” Review

Supernatural "Weekend at Bobby's" Review

SUPERNATURAL “Weekend at Bobby’s” Season 6 Episode 4 – We get a glimpse into the life of Bobby, starting the day after they stopped the Apocalypse when he called Crowley to give his soul back. The demon of course won’t so Bobby starts working on a way to make him do it. At the same time, we see just how hard he works. Answering calls from various hunters all over the country, doing research, acting as a fake agent from all sorts of government agencies – Bobby spends his days basically saving the asses of lots of hunters.

When he’s not helping everyone else out, he keeps working on his own problem. First he tortures a demon to find out that Crowley is now the King of Hell and getting his real name. Bobby also finds out that Crowley, when he was human, once had a son. He uses that information to call the spirit and find out where the demon’s human remains are buried. Sending Sam and Dean all the way to Scotland, he traps Crowley and tells him he’s willing to make a trade – his soul for Crowley’s bones (which will kill him). Crowley of course takes the deal and Bobby gets back his soul.

My favorite bits…

Counting up how many times Bobby said “Balls!” through the whole episode (which was five, by my count).

Crowley writing part of Bobby’s contract on his “naughty bits”. Um, ouch.

Bobby going “Dateline” on Crowley and using paint for the devil’s trap that can only be seen with a blue light. Nice.

The sight of Dean digging his hands into a bloody corpse with children playing happily in the background.

The entire montage done to Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”. Never in a million years did I think I’d hear this song on this show. Loved it.

Wondering what Bobby was burning that would have that kind of effect on a demon.

This bit cracking me up so hard –
Marcy: “Hey, have you seen ‘Drag Me to Hell’?”
Bobby: “Trying to avoid it.”

Bobby pointing out to the demon that McCloud was a Scottish name, not an Irish one.

Bobby telling a hunter to call the FBI and the idiot turning around and calling him on the fake FBI line.

Dean calling Bobby again to get help while Sam was getting his ass kicked in the background.

Bobby telling the agent that his mom was on the phone and talking Dean through how to cook his “roast”.

Bobby and Rufus arguing over how many times you’re supposed to stab that particular type of monster.

Bobby breaking into Marcy’s house with a shotgun. Okay, I think someone needs pointers on first date etiquette.

Rufus swallowing the ring right after Bobby told him not to.

The entire rant Bobby had over the phone to Sam and Dean, ending with him asking both of them to sack up and help HIM for once.

Rufus pulling the ring out of his pocket and Bobby immediately going to boil some water. Ick.

Finding out that Crowley was just a tailor who once sold his soul for “an extra three inches below the belt”. LOL! No way!

Crowley showing up at his grave with a bag to gather up his bones.

Sam telling Bobby that Dean white-knuckled his way through their entire flight to Scotland.

Sam and Dean apologizing for taking Bobby for granted after he’d been cleaning up their messes for years.

Dean accidentally honking the horn and obviously still getting used to driving on the wrong side of the road.

Bobby almost getting to finally eat his cobbler before yet another phone call came in.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode of Supernatural. I was a little sad to hear that Sam and Dean wouldn’t be making much of an appearance but honestly, I barely noticed their absence. Hanging out with Bobby was just as much fun and I now love him more than ever. Oh and my hat is off to Jensen Ackles for doing a great job at directing this one and I hope we get to see him do more in the future.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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