SMALLVILLE “Homecoming” Review

Smallville (CW) Homecoming

SMALLVILLE “Homecoming” Season 10 Episode 4- With the Maiden of Might and Green Arrow plastered over the covers of magazines, Lois tells the Blur that the Blur would never let them down. It is the Smallville High Reunion and Lois, even though she was only enrolled for twenty three days (appearing for five) is more excited than ever.

The reunion brings back memories of Lana. For Lois, she’s disappointed that nobody remembers her, not even the chess geeks though sat through an entire game once.

Things at the reunion take a turn for the weird-and no, not Wall of Weird, Brainiac Weird. He sort of teleports Clark away. Brainiac is from the future. He is now with the Legion and he takes Clark into the past, back to his father’s funeral. He even brings Clark back to the moment of his father’s death. He shows Clark that Oliver needs him.

As Brainiac tells Clark to let go of his past Lois is confronted by an exceedingly rude cupcake punchbowl lady. Unfortuntately there is no Lifehouse slow dance and when she is confronted by an old nemesis of Clark’s, Clark’s ‘save the day’ attributes kick in but when he grabs the Legion ring he goes to the future where he comes face to face with future Lois and future Clark: “How did I become so uptight… and nerdy?”

Reassured by the future, we finally get our Lifehouse dance. For literally a second.

Clark is in his red leather jacket (please get rid of it! You look like Daredevil, Ben Affleck style) at his father’s grave. He finally finds closure in his father’s death. He heads over to Oliver’s who is in the middle of an interview: “You’re damn right I’m a hero.”

Clark gives Lois a dance. It’s not Lifehouse. It is even sweeter, stubbed toes and ‘I love you’ and all. Clark Kent flies. And for once I’m not annoyed he doesn’t finally tell her who he is.

I had some reservations about this episode, mainly stemming from the idea of reunion. But trust Smallville to make a cliched storyline original. For an episode with zero fights, this was one of the most exciting installments of the series.

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