SANCTUARY “Kali – Part 3” Review

SANCTUARY "Kali Part 3"

SANCTUARY “Kali – Part 3” Season 3 Episode 1 – Sanctuary is back and picks up right where it left off last season in this episode entitled “Kali – Part 3”. The Sanctuary team works hard to locate Kali a/k/a Big Bertha and stop the three tidal waves that she produced that are headed striaght to the India coast.

Last season, the Sanctuary team made a connection with Kali by using Will has a host. Unfortunately, when Wexford decided to attack Kali thereby angering her, Kali lashed out, not only with the tidal waves, but also by severing her connection to Will. Rules are that a former host of Kali is a dead man walking as they soon die after being released as a host. Will this fate befall Will as well?

As Magnus attempts to find other ways to connect with Kali, her efforts are derailed by Wexford who thinks firing on Big Bertha again will solve the problem. Of course, that is what started the problem in the first place. Magnus takes things into her own hands by flying a helicopter directly into the path of Kali so that Wexford cannot fire on her. When Kali sends out an electromagnetic wave, all power is lost and Magnus’ copter goes down with the wreckage sinking. Although Wexford appears concerned, it seems that he may be faking it and happy that Magnus is out of the way so he can complete his plan.

After the first tidal wave hits India and Kate miraculously lives through it, the team steps up their efforts to find a way to reach Kali and get her to stop the waves. After Magnus finds Forsythe’s boat, or Forsythe’s boat finds her, she learns that he can no longer communicate with Kali, his arachnid dying from stress. He does bring in a woman from India who believes Kali will visit a former host one last time when they die. A plan is concocted to kill Will temporarily so he can communicate with Kali. All is going well until Wexford fires again, disrupting Kali in the midst of stopping the waves after a heartfelt and moving plea from Will. Fearing all is lost, Will pleads with Kali’s council, for lack of a better word, who also must have been moved as they create three separate earthquakes thereby stopping the final wave. Magnus also discovers that Forsythe was attempting to build his own sanctuary with the land that Kali was creating.

I am a new viewer to Sanctuary, so forgive me if any of the above is incorrect and I welcome any corrections, insight and background information. Hopefully I can catch up with the prior two seasons in the next couple of weeks. Having just found this show, I have to say it can really capture you with just one episode. In fact, I still have questions from this episode. Is Will still going to die as a former host or did Kali give him a free pass for being so loyal? Who were the men with Kali that caused the earthquakes? Were these abnormals shown to us before? What will happen to Wexford, if anything, when it is determined that his attempts to destory Kali is what culminated in the tidal waves, one which mostly destroyed Mumbai?

What did you think of the Season 3 premiere of Sanctuary? Did it live up to your expectations? Did part two of the Kali story resolve the issues? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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