PRIVATE PRACTICE “A Better Place to Be” Review

Private Practice (ABC) Season 4 Cast

PRIVATE PRACTICE “A Better Place to Be” Season 4 Episode 4 – Everyone at the hospital is given a hard choice to make when Dell’s sister comes in the office and drops off his little girl because she can’t handle being a mother. Violet knows that Dell would have helped any of them without a second thought and feels it’s their duty to help his daughter. She wants to take in Betsey but Pete is reluctant as they’ve just gotten back together and are getting into a routine as a married couple and parents. Addison thinks about it but Sam is afraid of what could happen if she gets attached and the little girl is taken away. Coop, as an adopted child himself, knows he and Charlotte won’t be able to provide the home she needs.

Addison has a patient who has had chronic pain for years and now that she’s pregnant it’s gotten worse and unable to take it, she asks for the pregnancy to be terminated. Pete wants to try and treat her with alternative methods but Amelia wants to operate, sure that the problem is in her brain. Coop is treating a teenage boy who’s faking being sick to stay away from bullies at school. He tries to help but when the boy attempts to take his own life, Sheldon steps in as well and they all convince the mother to help her son out by actually leaving him in school so that he get through it.

My favorite bits…

Feeling so bad for Betsey. Poor kid loses both of her parents and then her aunt drops her off and says she can’t take care of her any more.

The father telling Peter that he wasn’t going to let his wife terminate the pregnancy because he wanted the baby. Ugh, talk about a hard choice.

Coop telling the kid that it was either “the truth or the cup”. LOL.

Amelia knowing what was wrong with the pregnant woman without even seeing her.

Betsey asking Violet where she was going to sleep that night. Oh man, that killed me.

Totally freaking out when Violet saw that Lucas wasn’t in his crib and then relaxing when I saw he was watching cartoons with Betsey.

Sheldon telling Violet that he thought she would help Betsey most by letting her go. Wow, that was rough.

Coop pointing out how proud Emily Post would be of Charlotte when she walked into his office, announced she was horny and asked if wanted a quicky.

Sheldon turning out to be a fan of anime and finding out that the boy had been moved from school to school so often that he’d never been able to make friends.

Violet reassuring Betsey that spilling was okay, by dumping a bunch of soda all over the floor and playing in it. So sweet.

Coop admitting that he was into magic in high school. LOL.

The kid hearing his mom call him a “weak little baby”. Oh man, how awful.

Pete asking Coop for help convincing Violet that they can’t take in Betsey.

Coop telling the kid how much his life sucked in high school and that things will get better, but not if you’re not around to see it. Loved that.

Overall I gotta say I was kinda surprised by this episode of Private Practice. I totally expected someone to take in Betsey, especially since Dell had been such a good friend to all of them. Then again, ending it this way did feel more realistic as I’m sure it’s hard for people to think of taking on someone else’s child.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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