MEDIUM “How To Kill A Good Guy” Review

Medium "How to Kill a Good Guy"

MEDIUM “How To Kill A Good Guy” Season 7 Episode 4- Lee is having nightmares and cannot sleep. His dream is just rather inconvenient: his brother keeps appearing. This time he was feeding Lee’s baby girl some of…well, some of Lee’s head. On a platter.

Ariel is preparing to go off to college. Bridgette is already clocking off the hundreds and thousands of miles that will separate them. Her grandfather shows up to tell her that her sister is having a hard time letting her go. Unforuntately she thinks he means Marie. Bridgette tells her that she won’t miss Ariel when she’s gone. Ariel gets all teary telling her mother that Bridgette won’t miss her. Aw…

At work Allison is confronted by a ten month old ghost called Caroline Krueger who wants to let her parents know she’s dead. She tells Allison where she is buried so her mother will have closure. Despite his reservations, the DA brings her out to Yucca where the sheriff has the prisoners put in pink jumpsuits and work in chain gangs.

Caroline Krueger haunts her dreams again: she wants a hundred dollars to play…with Lee’s brother Paul, who, let’s face it, is not the nicest fellow.

At work Lee confronts Allison. He is annoyed that she did not tell him about his brother.

In her dream, after he has raped Caroline Krueger, Lee arrives at the bathrooms. Oh, Allison is so ready to talk to Lee now. But he is one the defensive: he’s been searching for bathrooms. He wants to test the lightbulb in the bathroom, hoping there’s a shred of evidence on it.

Dean Norris as Paul Scanlon is just awesome. I mean, it’s usually hard to love a serial rapist/murderer, but Norris makes it easy. I know, I’m a creep.

Paul warns Allison that the sheriff was the rapist and murderer, too late to prevent Lee’s death. Oh yes. That’s right. Lee’s death. Lee died in a shootout with the sheriff. Temporarily. He held on and defied his brother, as Allison sobbed apologies into his semi-conscious ear.

Lee’s almost-death was not the biggest tearjerker. That came next, with Ariel and Bridgette.

If you asked me, I’d say this is one of the greatest television series of all time, and this episode completely lived up to that standard. But what did you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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