CSI: NY “Sangre Por Sangre” Review

CSI: NY "Sangre Por Sangre" CBS

CSI: NY “Sangre Por Sangre” Season 7 Episode 4- Mac versus the Harlam gangster. In a dank basement complete with drips and pipes, Mac, bleeding and injured, is on the hunt for a guy. This is not any guy. This guy has two guns. He shoots Mac, but before we get to see Gary Sinise’ head explode, the scene cuts to twelve hours earlier, which is, frankly, not half as exciting.

A Puerto Rican man is impaled on a hotel, which is one way to keep the immigrants out-take note, Obama.

They find lipstick smeared on a mirror and then Danny utters the line “Somebody’s got to kiss and tell.”

When Mac shows Jo a picture of a guy recently released from prison (as in last week) he says of him: “It’s one thing to be a street guy, another to be smart. But it’s dangerous when both those qualities are embodied in one person.” Huh?

Mac then goes into what looks like a salsa bar. These Puerto Rico gang bangers respect Mac hugely as El Puno explains to the next generation that Mac is the guy you want putting the cuffs on you. Mac’s attempts to stop a gang war, but his efforts go nowhere.

The lipstick print reveals that their girl is called Purple Hazel. Purple Hazel. Really? Is that the best stripper name they could come up with?

It would seem that Purple Hazel is ready shoot someone in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded street but luckily Cahill is there to arrest her. Has he got a partner? Nope. So when they’re ambushed he’s got no backup. At least the bullet shells were conveniently labelled ‘P’.

Purple Hazel holds a cop hostage, but whilst the security guards and police are useless to help her, Jo of the Crime Lab arrives to calm her down. Purple Hazel does not reveal who the killer was. All she does is confirms she was in the hotel room. Which they knew already.

El Puno tips Mac off where the shooters are, because he is a law-abiding respectable gun toting gang leader.

Purple Hazel is ruled out from shooting because Jo saw actual fear in her eyes. Fear of being arrested? No. Fear because she had just been shot? Nope. Fear that absolves her of any shooting? You betcha.

A building explodes. There is a lot of glass. Gary Sinise’ face gets squashed in slo-mo. Someone is trying to execute the gang leaders, including Lisa something or other-aren’t you happy to see gender equality among gang bangers?

Everyone in the police force is out looking rather busy-they’re looking for El Puno.

After killing his brother, we finally arrive where the beginning of the episode left off, complete with irritating split screens. El Puno reveals that he never intended to save the world. And then he dons a masked suit and shoots a guy about to shoot Mac. then Mac shoots El Puno who narrates War and Peace before finally gurgling to death.

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  • Christina

    I thought Purple Hazel was a clever nickname, one of the writers must be a Jimi Hendrix fan.

  • Laurie

    No, not the best episode, just fast paced and odd, but if this is the worst so far this season, its still better than most of the episodes of season 6. CSI:NY needs to try to stop making deep episodes. They really shouldn’t want you to think to hard about it, because yeah–there are always holes.

    Even the ones that disappear. Watch Mac have no repercussions next week for stupid behavior.