THE OFFICE “Sex Ed” Review

The Office (NBC) Sex Ed

THE OFFICE “Sex Ed” Season 7 Episode 4 – After last week’s episode of THE OFFICE, I apparently had my hopes a little too high for this week’s episode “Sex Ed”. Instead of a repeat of the funny and awkward The Office that we saw during “Andy’s Play”; “Sex Ed” reverted to the not so funny episodes that we’ve resigned ourselves to.

Instead of a potentially hilarious episode based on the subject matter, we were left with a stroll down memory lane through Michael’s past love life. … And all because of an ingrown facial hair? Come on.

Thanks to Michael thinking that might possibly have herpes, Dwight decides that Michael has to tell every woman that he’s ever slept with, and all of this BEFORE he speaks to a doctor. In true Michael fashion, he begins contacting all of his exes, starting with the most recent train wreck – Donna.

Next on his list would be Holly, and Holly… well, Holly decides to lay it all out for Michael and tell him that he made a bigger deal of their relationship than it actually was. While I do believe that Michael blows EVERYTHING out of proportion, I disagreed with Holly on this.

Maybe it’s because I see Holly and Michael as being PERFECT for each other, so I’m rooting for them in the WORST way, but unlike Michael’s other disastrous relationships, his with Holly seemed genuine and sweet.

Jan (who seems to have gone off the deep end with her singing) and Carol also join The Office again, both for brief moments and basically as a way for Michael to ask if he’d blown THEIR relationships out of proportion, which, let’s face it, he had.

Side note – Astrid, Jan’s daughter, is ABSOLUTELY adorable.

Carol lays it out for Michael by telling him that he DOES overreact to certain things, and brings up his 4th date marriage proposal, and also mentions that he should get his “herpes” checked by a doctor before he jumps to conclusions.

Even the rest of the scenes with the ensemble cast weren’t funny. Andy decided to throw a “sex ed” seminar since he was an RA in college… and instead of being funny, it was dull. Nothing happened, except Andy had a melt down near the end when everyone pretty much blew off his attempts to find out (in a not so slick way) if Erin and Gabe were sleeping together.

I’m so disappointed. I expected something better based on last week’s episode… which I guess wasn’t fair considering The Office hasn’t been consistently funny since the early seasons.

The saving graces (if you can call them that) of “Sex Ed”:

– Pam: “It’s best just to catch Michael before his train of thought derails and impacts the entire city…”
– Kelly re: Meredith: “I guess she could date a meth addict with crabs…”

Yep, that’s all I’ve got.

Michael’s voicemail to Holly that closed out the episode was pretty good, I’ll grant you that. He opened up to her and basically just told her that she was wrong – their relationship DID mean something. I’m hoping that this is the beginning of Holly making her way back into Michael’s life… I guess we’ll see!

What say you?