THE GOOD GUYS “Dan on the Run” Review

The Good Guys (Fox) "Dan on the Run"

THE GOOD GUYS “Dan on the Run” Season 1 Episode 13 – We finally meet the Savage of Savage and Stark in the “Dan on the Run” episode of THE GOOD GUYS when Dan is framed for a kidnapping and must go into hiding. 25 years ago, Dan and his old partner Frank Savage rescued the governor’s son, Andy, who had been kidnapped. Now, little Andy is all grown up and hanging with some drug dealers Dan busted. Together they fake Andy’s kidnapping and frame Dan.

Talk about a surreal West Wing reunion. Gary Cole is flat-out awesome as Frank Savage. “If you’ve moved on, why are you still sporting that bitchin’ `stache?” And that ‘stache is indeed bitchin’. We learn from Frank’s wife (a hilarious Rachael Harris) there are side effects to being Dan’s partner: “I just don’t want the old nightmares to start: the kicking, the screaming, the bedwetting.” Frank is less than thrilled to see Dan at first. “Who gave you the wuss bath?” Once Dan pretends to take him hostage and gets him in the car, though–comedy gold. Frank peels off the cardigan to display a vintage 70s shirt and off they roll. Love the unnecessary bar destruction and “Look at the fancy jukebox. It looks more like a computer machine.”

Gary Cole isn’t the only good guest star tonight. First off, wow, does Jake Busey look like his dad and he has the same maniacal grin. Nice job as Brody the kidnapper. Ethan Suplee (My Name is Earl) is so funny as pathetic “Little” Andy. “This was supposed to be a fake kidnapping, but it’s starting to feel like a real kidnapping” is yelled in just the right whine, as is “I’m almost out of bubble wrap,” but it’s hard to top “I’m kidnapped in the Cotton Bowl” for sheer insane hilarity.

“”If facial hair could talk, I know you’d sing an opera.” Dan about to shave his mustache while the Bohemian Rhapsody plays in the background is one of my favorite The Good Guys scenes yet. Thank goodness Jack walked in, though. “No! Bad Dan!” Hee. What would Dan be without that ‘stache? Dan waking up with letters stuck to his face makes me giggle, as does Dan trying to talk in a falsetto so Liz would think Jack has a date. “If Dan Stark is naked in there, I’m going to kill myself.” Love Liz tonight.

Hodgehole (ha!) has some great lines tonight since he takes the lead in trying to take down Dan. Love his normal physical description of Dan devolving into “He has a stupid mustache and also says hurtful things,” and “his last brain cell popping like a zit” is a phrase I’m going to have to use somehow, some way in real life.

If there was any doubt about where Jack would side when the chips are down (there really wasnn’t), it’s now gone. He tries to attack Hodges and has his “first sweet kiss of sizzling lead” and I love that Frank’s first reaction is to want to know what caliber “popped his cherry.” Plus Jack now apparently drives just like Dan does and even knows what “Everest” is (and takes the hardest part!). Frank is definitely leaving Dan in good hands.

I had high hopes for the Savage and Stark reunion, and I am definitely not disappointed. So many big laughs and great moments here, and what a tremendous guest cast, especially Gary Cole. That’s not even touching the music. “The Boys are Back in Town,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Perfect choices, but that’s no surprise for The Good Guys. This is just a hugely entertaining, completely over the top hour of ridiculous fun–probably my favorite episode to date.

What did you think of “Dan on the Run?” I couldn’t hit all the terrific bits, so please list your favorites in the comments.

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