MERLIN “The Changeling” Season 3 Episode 6

MERLIN The Changeling

Watch a sneak peek and browse the photos for the upcoming episode of MERLIN “The Changeling” Season 3 Episode 6 which airs Saturday October 16 2010 on BBC 1.

Episode Synopsis: MERLIN “The Changeling” Season 3 Episode 6 – Uther pressures Arthur into an arranged marriage with a visiting princess, Elena, though Merlin soon has reservations after discovering that Elena may not exactly be who she claims to be.

As he tries to uncover the princess’ dark secret, he learns that Elena’s nanny is a Pixie. But what are their motivations? Who do they work for? And most important of all, what benefit do they get from her marriage to Arthur, the heir to the throne of Camelot?

Will Merlin be able to get to the bottom of it all and prevent Arthur for making the biggest mistake of his life?

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