Kevin Sorbo Stars in Hallmark Channel’s THE SANTA SUIT

Can Santa pull off the miracle of transforming a selfish and greedy toy company CEO into a caring person? We’ll find out in the Hallmark Channel World Premiere Movie THE SANTA SUIT, airing December 2.

Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda) stars as Hunter Toys CEO Drake Hunter, the GQ cover boy for corporate success. Hunter dislikes everything about Christmas except the green he picks up in profits and this year he has a particularly diabolical marketing plan to increase those profits: he has dispatched mall Santas throughout the city to whisper into the ears of boys and girls, “It isn’t a great toy, unless it’s from Hunter’s!” There’s only one problem: Santa is watching, and he isn’t amused.

Santa Claus transforms Drake into his own image with a full, round face and belly and long, flowing beard. Now Unfortunately for Drake, he’s mistaken for a vagrant “Kriss” and forced into a homeless shelter. With no family or friends to miss him, Drake/Kriss strikes up a relationship with Nancy (Jodie Dowdall, Termination Point), a social worker, and must take a job as a mall Santa himself to maintain his living arrangement at the shelter. Drake also befriends Gemma (Briana D’Aguanno, Flashpoint), a young girl from an impoverished family who has become a latchkey kid because her mother has to make ends meet by pulling double shifts at Hunter Toys.

Humbled and broken, Drake realizes the joy his toys will bring to children everywhere and the hope and security his company can be to parents who work there. Firm in his belief that Drake will be a transformational figure in the lives of others from now on, Santa returns the man to his original identity. Drake is teeming with energy and enthusiasm. Christmas is coming and there are many dreams to fulfill.

The Santa Suit will premiere on Hallmark Channel Thursday, December 2 at 8pm/7 central.