GREY’S ANATOMY “Can’t Fight Biology” Review

GREY'S ANATOMY "Can't Fight Biology"

GREY’S ANATOMY “Can’t Fight Biology” Season 7 Espisode 4 – This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy found Meredith and Derek receiving some hostile news about a possible pregnancy while Owen and Christina go house hunting.

When Meredith is told by her OB/GYN that she has a hostile uterus, she is really not happy. She gets over it enough to joke about it later with April and Christina, but I think it really bothers her that there is one little part of her body that is preventing her from carrying Derek’s baby. Not everyone knows about the miscarriage, however April was there when it happened. Naturally, she has kept up on what is developing in that area much to the dismay of Lexie who feels left out. Her feelings fester even more when April, who has been living at Meredith’s house, suggests a “chore wheel” since the men are messy. Lexie thinks Meredith will think it is a terrible idea and when Meredith thinks it is brilliant, Lexie’s jealousy grows. Can someone tell me why all of these people are living with Meredith and Derek? It used to be just Lexie and Alex which seemed crowded enough. But now April and Avery? There aren’t even enough bedrooms as I am sure Lexie can attest to since she is sleeping in the attic. I agree with Derek, that is not working out.

Christina and Owen are looking for a house together since they need to get out of Callie’s place. Owen has dreams of renovating an old dilapidated firehouse. What is with making firehouses into houses now? Is it a new trend? We just saw this same storyline last week on Better With You. Must be a man thing. Unfortunately, Christina is currently not passionate about anything. She is walking through life like a zombie. She has agreed to take baby steps to get closer to becoming Yang again. I have to say, though, I do not think she will ever by the Yang she once was. Bailey takes Yang on her service and they encounter a man who is doing research into preventing asthma with worms that you ingest. Gross. Now, of course, he is sick and the worms have caused a bowel obstruction. He begs not to have the surgery and then begs not to have the worms destroyed as they have been inside him for a year and his research has lasted three years. Alas, the worms are destroyed to keep him alive. The man tells Yang he will just start over despite the fact that it might kill him. When she asks him why he would do such a thing, he tells her that he has finally found his passion and purpose in life and you just don’t give that up. Paging Dr. Yang – a life lesson just arrived.

Yang is not the only one with a life lesson. Meredith receives her own in the form of a victim of a car versus laundromat accident. Turns out the woman as Huntington’s disease. Huntington’s is a fatal disease that slowly eats away at the person’s brain until they eventually die. The disease can be traced by a gene. The woman is aware but wants to go to Brazil before she dies. She is given a clean bill of health at the hospital but Meredith notices she has chorea in her hand, which is a shakiness that is uncontrollable. It is also the first sign that the disease is in its fatal progression. Meredith tells her to tell her doctor, but the woman doesn’t want anyone to stand in her way of her dream trip. Meredith finally gives her pills to help the chorea with the understanding that she will follow up with her doctor when she returns. The talk about genetic disorders makes Meredith think about her mother’s Alzheimer’s and she asks Yang to take her blood to determine if she has the gene. Derek does not think this is a good idea. I am not sure what side of that I fall on. Would you want to know your time may be limited?

More minor subplots involve Arizona not liking Mark and feeling like he is always invading her and Callie’s lives. It is actually Karev that encourages her to get to know Sloan who is not a bad guy. Our little Alex may be growing up. Teddy is fed up with Avery who is only half assing his job and then trying to use his sexiness and charm to float. When she finally confronts him, she is pleasantly surprised by his knowledge and one has to wonder why he feels the need to downplay it?

The other medical plots involved a ballet dancer who was going to lose of one of his legs to cancer. With a lead from April and a little research, Alex was able to find an answer for the kid to possibly keep his leg and keep his dream of dancing. Finally, the woman that hit the laundromat with her car turned out to have done it intentionally. In what was a very sad and horrific story, we find that her husband had left her for someone else months ago and when she spotted him doing the woman’s laundry, she just snapped. In the saddest moment, the woman says she feels releived after her confession since Lexie and April cannot tell anyone due to the physician/patient privilege. Unfortunately, that privilege doesn’t extend to nonmedical conversations.

What did you think of this week’s epsiode of Grey’s Anatomy? I love that even as a walking zombie, Christina has not lost all of humor. After she buys the firehouse for Owen and he tells her he doesn’t know what to say, Christina responds “Our house has a firepole in it. What more is there to say?” What were your favorite moments of this week’s episode? Do you think Arizona will eventually grow to like Sloan? Do you think Christina will wake up out of her slumber and get back to her passion? Share your thoughts and favorite moments in the comments below.

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