BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Code Ed” Review

$#*! MY DAD SAYS (CBS) Code Ed
Better, much better. And funnier, too. In BLEEP MY DAD SAYS‘ “Code Ed” Henry (Jonathan Sadowski) and dad Ed (William Shatner) are at Starbuckian/Coffee Beanie type of place and Henry, after stumbling about, asks out the cute girl behind the counter, Amy (Megan Blake Stevenson). Just one catch: He has to double date with Ed because the girl’s aunt Marla (Stephanie Faracy) is coming along. So, reluctantly, Ed agrees and of course, he and the aunt, ex–Navy and with a mouth like a sailor, hit it off. But Amy doesn’t like Henry at all (he is excessively cloddy) and Ed figures it out when he hears the ladies using the same code he and Henry had talked about – “good weather” and “bad weather.”

But there is a second date at the same gaudy bar for Karaoke night. Ed stops Henry from singing a dorky “Let’s Spend by the Night Together” (by the Stones) and takes the mic to talk-sing (In Shatner fashion, of course) “I’m Too Sexy,” that 1992 novelty #1 by Right Said Fred. And it’s hilariou, one of the funniest moments this show’s had so far this season, including the bit where Ed’s trying to pick a song and one of the choices is Elton John’s “Rocket Man” (“No, not that one” – an in-joke for Shat fans as he recorded a classic over-the-top spoken word version back in the ’70s).

When Henry tries to follow dad, still determined to sing, Ed stops him and lets it spill – into the microphone for the whole place to hear – that the girl just doesn’t like him. Meanwhile, there’s the usual Vince (Will Sasso) and Bonnie (Nicole Sullivan) subplot: he’s looking for his old baby pictures at dad’s house and can’t find any of him smiling, which bums him out. All that was filler, really.

The stuff with Ed on the double date was a hoot. There seemed to be more bullseye barbed darts, too, this time out, such as “Promise are like children – fun to make, then you regret them,” or, “I was dating when Chlamydia was a first name.” And the final zinger scored as well. After Henry talks to Dad about not trying to protect him anymore, he asks how it went with Marla, did she blow him off? And Ed, at the kitchen counter smirks, “in a manner of speaking.” Then she shows up after Henry’s left and there’s another nudge-wink exchange, plus and “I’m Too Sexy” reprise.

Faracy was so good as Marla, she should become a semi-regular, plus Hong Chau had a quick funny turn as the bar DeeJay. “Code Ed” was overall a a winner for Bleep My Dad Says, though the Vince-Bonnie thing, dropping by dad’s house, comes off a lot like the visiting nutty neighbors thing on sitcoms from days of yore; but maybe, that’s the idea. One thing’s for sure: bring on more Shatner Karaoke!