30 ROCK “Live Show” Review

30 Rock Live Show (NBC)

30 ROCK “Live Show” Season 5 Episode 4- Liz Lemon is coming to you live! (Wouldn’t that have been so much better had Oprah said it?)

It is Liz Lemon’s birthday on 30 Rock but nobody seems to have remembered. Instead they are all signing cards and getting ready for the cleaning lady’s big celebration.

The plot does not really matter: what matters is how a usually scripted show played live. Tina Fey is a well accomplished live performer, along with the rest of the 30 Rock cast. This week they performed the show with aplomb and energy to spare.

If you remember Tina Fey’s Emmy acceptance speech, she credited Julia Louis Dreyfus as a huge inspiration. In this episode, in an absolutely brilliant move, Dreyfus was cast as Fey’s doppleganger in the cutaway sequencces.

The cast and crew worked incredibly hard: it was not SNL with a different title. It was 30 Rock, moving cameras and all.

Jane Krakowski is even funnier live: when her character Jenna talks about the Chilean Miners I laughed out loud. “So I guess they’re geniuses for getting stuck in a mine.” How she managed not to laugh out loud wearing the alien/monster suit astounded me.

Tina Fey grounded the entire show, flitting between scenes with seamless ease. Jon Hamm’s skit was hilarious and Matt Damon returned with huge cheers from the audience.

The 30 Rock cast gathered at the end for a big group hug and congratulations from their raving audience. They completely deserved it: this was a brilliant episode. I hope this isn’t the last live show we see from 30 Rock.

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