UNDERCOVERS “Jailbreak” Review

Undercovers Jailbreak

UNDERCOVERS “Jailbreak” season 1 episode 4- In Dublin, Ireland (with Belfast accents) a man called Sean Cullen, after hiding a MacGuffin, is chased by the gardaí with the worst accents and the worst sirens I have never heard on an Irish vehicle ever. Yes, I know: I am incredibly picky when the Irish are presented in American media. You’ll hae to indulge me, as they’re generally never portrayed well.

This was not one of the most horrifying episodes I’ve seen. Unlike most representations, it looks like the writers may have actually looked up Wikipedia. Shannon airport was allowed to be used for extraordinary rendition until massive protests forced the government to stop.

Anyhow, Shaw shows up and has the Blooms head off to Ireland.

Oh, and Steven is right: Sam’s sister does indeed want to borrow money. He is a human lie detector!

In Ireland they head to Mountjoy prison which is not in Belfast, though everyone speaks in a Belfast accent. Leo has already beaten the Blooms to Mountjoy.

Hoyt never fails to provide me with a wish to slam a sledgehammer over his head.

And of course, because this is Ireland, the IRA have to be involved. I feel like vomitting.

Steven and Sam go undercover, Steven as a member of the Black Hand Brigade and Sam as his, eh, squeeze. Their cover is blown quickly enough.

There is a showdown between Brian (with whom the Blooms find out Sean has a connection) and Sean, who has Brian’s wife…who quickly backstabs her husband and shoots him. Lovely.

Unfortunately the Blooms are too late. They look for the alias of George Best and head over to London. They confront Marie (husband-killer) and find out that the drop off of the MacGuffin is happening at the Beethoven Symphony Orchestra.

Thank you spy genre for the standard dress up doo da scene. Steven makes a mean drum shooter (if that what you call it?) Anyways, Leo is held at gunpoint and Sam refuses to give Sean the money. Steven almost kills Leo in his rescue attempt.

In the end Sam confronts Steven. She tries to tell him about her past, but he stops her before she can share it with him…mainly, it is strongly implied, because he does not want to be put in the postition where he has to divulge information about his past. This ruse is rather tiring.

What did you think of this episode? Do you hope the series gets picked up for the back nine? Sound off in the comments below!

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