Joan Collins to Guest on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT

Veteran actress Joan Collins is set to guest star on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, playing Bunny Dunbar, the mother of Russell Dunbar (David Spade).

Collins, probably best known for playing Alexis Colby on Dynasty and for her memorable one-episode role as Edith Keeler in Star Trek, has guest starred in a variety of television shows including Mission: Impossible, Roseanne, Starsky and Hutch and Will and Grace.

Rules of Engagement is a comedy about the different phases of male/female relationships, as seen through the eyes of an engaged couple, Adam and Jennifer, a long-time married pair, Jeff and Audrey, a single guy on the prowl, Russell and his office assistant, Timmy.

Rules of Engagement airs Mondays 8:30/7:30c on CBS. Joan Collins’ episode will air during November sweeps.