IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “Mac and Charlie: White Trash” Review


IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “Mac and Charlie: White Trash” Season 6 Episode 5 – Are you ever just in awe at how a comedy can be in it’s like sixth season and still be able to be funny and push boundaries? Well then you must be watching IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. While this season might have started off with a bit of a whimper, it continues to blow the previous episode out of the water each week. This season has definitely been about pushing boundaries and discussing major issues in America, like gay rights and class warfare, but in only the way that gang could do it.

This week it was all about class and mainly the lack of it within the group. After being denied entrance to a chi-chi swim club, Mac and Charlie set out to refurbish the town pool that was shut down years ago after some kid Jamie Nelson drowned in it. Dee and Dennis believe they are still in the upper class, as to where they were once born. Unfortunately, they are also denied access and have to hang like some lower class folk at the public pool. Frank joins them, as he lives on the fringe class. The idea of class isn’t necessarily new to the show, as its always been present, specifically the massive difference between Dee and Dennis and Charlie and Mac, which is a common issue between both childhood and adult friends.

To overcome their “white trash” label, Mac and Charlie will do anything to become rich, which is obvious from their many get rich schemes throughout the seasons. And as much as I hate that term, there are no two characters that better fit the stereotype. When they get stuck in the pool, they don’t want to reach out to Dennis and Dee, but they might just have to. And at the same time, Dennis and Dee, who lost their high class status years ago and continue to pretend they haven’t, would rather die than admit to the losers they are just like them – losers. This episode is probably the most perfect example of the gangs true issues – always want to be better than others and always have just each other to rely on to do it. True gang mentality, and it works. The ending scene with them playing in a hydrant could have been perceived as cheesy, but it was just another symbol of how they fight the man together. And per Charlie, ” You can’t do backflips. You can’t do karate. Face it, you’re white trash.” Truer words have yet to be said.