HIM & HER “The Argument” Review

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HIM & HER “The Argument” Episode 6 – The show ends its first season with an episode centered about Steve and Becky arguing. It had to happen eventually, they’ve spent the entire season sort of on the verge of a big argument, but never quite reaching one.

Steve says something offensive to Becky while they’re on a night out, and the episode begins with them coming home. Laura, Paul, Shelly, Dan and Becky’s friend Jamie all follow soon after. Every snarky thing that Becky says about Steve is met with amusement, but when he says anything about Becky it’s seen as offensive. He also gets antsy when she ‘flirts’ with her gay friend, Jamie.

Annoyed, Steve finally takes her aside – into the bathroom – and tries to explain himself. He’s afraid of losing her – because he loves her. Becky tells him she loves him too and proposes that she move in with him. He agrees, reluctantly, and looks quite panicked as the episode ends.

The last five minutes of ‘The Argument’ was a nice, dramatic romantic scene, if you ignore talk of farts and pee. There’s just one little problem: Him & Her isn’t supposed to be a romantic drama.

But the rest of the episode lacked humor too. Even the last ditch gross out jokes, like the aforementioned fart jokes, fell flat. The only line of the episode that amused me at all was Steve’s slightly confused ‘he doesn’t even sound gay!’ when talking about Jamie.

I can’t tell whether Him & Her just isn’t my kind of comedy or whether it failed to find its feet. There were moments of promise strewn throughout the six episodes, but they never really managed to blossom into something more. I’m sad to say that I won’t miss Steve and Becky if Him & Her doesn’t return for a second series. And if it does, I really, really hope it doesn’t rely so heavily on bodily functions. I’m not asking for highbrow comedy, but making an effort to be consistently funny would be nice.

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