CRIMINAL MINDS “Compromising Positions” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS CBS "Compromising Positions"

CRIMINAL MINDS “Compromising Positions” season 6, episode 4 – JJ has been replaced. Sort of. In a very lazy turn of events, Garcia will be kind of be replacing her as communications liaison. This involves her wearing a suit. She looks lovely, there’s no question about that. Like Hayley Williams’ big sister straight from the convent. They make sure she is competent. I’m screaming.

The latest crime involves a lovely fellow in Ohio who is going around handcuffing couples, forcing them to have sex before shooting the husband and stabbing their wives as they die.

Another couple are attacked; the husband manages to choke the man between his legs, but then the unsub grabs a gun and shoots him. It is official: the woman is the most useless human thing I have ever seen on television.

This means the unsub, who is a swinger, is hunting that very night. They search swingers’ clubs. The unsub, James, enters a swinger’s house with a big bruise on his temple. He whips out two guns, Clint Eastwood style, and shoots several of the partygoers dead.

Garcia has a meltdown as the workload mounts. I think the importance of this storyline was to prove that a communications liaison is necessary. Which it is; it is the only way Criminal Minds gets out of their bubble. Derek helps her realize she has to go original and in about three seconds she’s back in Garcia wear. Still doing JJ’s job, and doing so quite well. They essentially give her her old job back. Yet we still have no idea who will be taking over JJ’s position.

The team find the unsub’s very pregnant wife Mary Ann. Now the team is trying to find out who the real father is. Eventually they go to a bar and Prentiss tries to seduce James. She shoots him through her handbag. Which is pretty awesome.

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