THE MIDDLE “The Quarry” Review


THE MIDDLE “The Quarry” Season 2 Episode 4 – Axl goes to work at the quarry, Brick loses the remote during a magic trick, and Sue is devastated when cross country is cut in the “The Quarry” episode of THE MIDDLE.

“Is he an idiot? I’m starting to worry he’s an idiot.” Poor Mike just wants to teach Axl about life, but he runs smack against the teenage boy brain, which really is pretty much a black hole. “When I’m 30, I’m so out of here.” Axl’s rhythmic stapling and crunching is great, as is “If I had to work there every day, I’d pack a lunchbox full of poison.” Hee. Gotta love Axl’s back-up plan to working in the quarry: getting a reality TV show and having people pay him to wear his clothes. Sadly, at this point that’s almost a viable alternative. HE would be perfect, too, given that his clothes seem to spontaneously fall off. Mike and Axl have a heart to heart at the end that reminds me a bit of Cliff and Theo from The Cosby Show.

Either budget cuts or the power of prayer makes cross country disappear. “I prayed for the stuff you’re supposed to pray for–Haiti, Pakistan, and cross country just snuck in there.” Hee. , and I have to say that I really can’t blame Frankie for wanting it to go away because it does look like a lot of boring work. On the other hand, Sue is just plain heartbreaking with her “One of my teammates called me Sandy. That’s practically Sue.” That board is cold, cutting cross country after Sue’s heartfelt speech listing her failures–“That was quite a speech, young lady. You should join the debate team. Oh, right, we cut that yesterday.” Yay to Frankie for babbling Mr. Ehlert into submission so he pays for the team and his face to appear on every shirt. Boo to Frankie for licking the icing off the cupcake and then giving it to Sue. Ew.

Brick drifts in and out with a magic kit he found buried in a closet. I have to wonder how many things I did as a kid that my parents pretended to care about were flat-out annoying to them. Love Brick as a channel changer and I have to wonder where he finally found the remote, and of course it was right after Mike opened the new one. Heh.

The Middle really does have terrific kid actors, and they do an excellent job in this episode. It’s probably my favorite Axl episode to date, and a very close second Sue episode (after the season 1 finale, “Average Rules”). Brick didn’t have a lot to do, but he makes the most of every second. How he makes “your patience is requested” funny is beyond me.

What did you think of the episode? What would Axl’s reality show be?

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