THE GOOD WIFE “Breaking Fast” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Breaking Fast" CBS

THE GOOD WIFE “Breaking Fast” Season 2 Episode 3- “You can’t go ten feet in America without having your death recorded.” Lockhart & Gardner & Bond? are defending the Northbrook Sniper on behalf of his son.

Alicia Florrick’s brother unwittingly starts some trouble in his classroom by announcing that he does not see his sister often because he thinks Peter is uncomfortable with his homosexuality.

The DA refuses to settle the Northbrook Sniper so long as Alicia is on the case; they believe it is about Peter’s campaign.

At the deposition hearing, Alicia is absent. The deposition goes disasterously with an empathetic prosecution.

Whilst following Blake a sniper shooting breaks out and Kalinda makes it to the scene of the shooting of a twenty eight year old mother of two. But the DA blames Lockhart & Gardner & Bond for bringing the sniper case back into the news; he claims the latest shooting is a copycat.

Meanwhile Kalinda and Blake are battling each other. At Kalinda’s suggestion, Alicia is now back on the case.

Alicia’s brother comes over and they share a heart to heart over their divorced parents. He is absolutely excellent; I hope he shows up more often. He adds another excellent facet to Alicia’s character.

Blake helps Alicia and it turns out the only man who was shot was an accidental killing; the woman targetted dropped her keys.

Meanwhile Alicia has a dinner over at her house to encourage the gay and pro-Israeli activists to vote for Peter; things go rather wrong. Grace asks about the peace flotillas which resulted in the deaths nine activists bringing aid to Gaza, Peter’s mother makes some awkward remarks, Peter and Owen have at it. Owen hates Peter, but Peter is annoyed that Owen abandoned her at her hour of her need.

Kalinda confronts the sniper; she asks him why he kills Gemini women. Cary arrives and interrupts Kalinda’s efforts. She tells him she misses him, which has me feeling slightly gobsmacked. Kalinda revealed something personal!

So Alicia’s firm decides to turn up the political heat. Glenn Childs is questioned at the deposition by none other than Alicia Florrick. Meanwhile, Kalinda gives Cary evidence to help him prosecute the sniper shooter. Alicia, to put it simply, kicks his ass.

The Good Wife is just unstoppable. It’s absoltely excellent.

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