SONS OF ANARCHY “The Push” Review

Sons of Anarchy 106

Sons of Anarchy “The Push” Season 3 Episode 6 – If SAMCRO was brought to their knees last week, they were raised back up on her feet this week. But things are by no means back to normal for our boys; they’ve had to lie, cheat and deal with the devil to get to this point – and there is more trouble in their future.

Kozik, a Tacoma member of the Sons of Anarchy, wants back in with SAMCRO. We don’t know what he did, but Tig doesn’t trust him and vetoes his admission back into the charter. He’s told to stick around anyway, as Tig will change his mind sooner or later. Kozik decides to help things along by goading Tig into an hilarious brawl.

SAMCRO track down the shipment of Mayan drugs and hijack it. They meet with the Mayans and agree a truce; the Grim Bastards will provide protection for the Mayan shipments as long as SAMCRO get $25k per load. The Mayan president Alvarez returns Juice’s cut and allows him to beat up the leader of the small Lodi MC.

Stahl gives Jax a new statement for Gemma to memorize. It claims that she shot Polly Zobelle in self-defense, the real killer of Edmond Hayes being Stahl’s fellow ATF-agent/lover. This is a surprise to everyone, especially the scapegoat, who is reassured by Stahl that everything will be alright.

As a favor to Alvarez, SAMCRO go to take out the drive-by shooter. While Opie keeps watch, Chuck creates another fantastically funny distraction, and Tig and Kozik go to do the job. But it goes awry and Kozik has to knock the guy out before Tig can inject him with cyanide. Tig thinks that the knock to the guy’s head will tip everyone off to it being murder.

Clay convinces Elliot Oswald that Charming is once again peaceful. Learning that SAMCRO’s court date has been pushed back, Oswald agrees to help them get to Ireland. He has a cargo flight going to Manchester, England the following day and SAMCRO can be on it.

Jax asks for Tara’s help shifting the HIV drugs. They sell them to a clinic, but later that day the clubhouse is raided by police. They don’t find any drugs, but Jax is still peeved. He tells Tara that she’s a surgeon and she can’t jeopardize that with possible jail-time and breaks up with her. While she lays awake that night, presumably pondering her pregnancy, an oblivious Jax finally hooks up with porn star Ima.

Little does he know that it was Darby, thought dead in the season 2 Cara Cara fire, that saw them selling the HIV drugs and reported it to Jacob Hale.

I didn’t expect things to turn around quite so quickly for the Sons, and it would probably be foolish to hope that things stay calm in Charming with the reappearance of Darby, especially now that there’s a level of distrust between Clay and Chief Unser. Darby’s sure to use this tense situation to his advantage, but how and why?

The episode was filled with so much humor, from Chuck playing crazy yet again (I love this guy!) to Tig and Kozik’s brawl. We didn’t get to see much of the three new prospects, but they don’t seem too bright so far. I wonder if one or more of these will be permanent characters or if they’re just placeholders to act as a buffer between our sadly deceased Half-Sack and whoever is the next ‘proper’ prospect.

I especially liked the Jax/Tara break up. Short and sweet, with no big ‘I’m pregnant!’ or ‘but I love you!’ declarations. That just wouldn’t be their style. Hopefully they’ll come around sooner or later; Tara is really growing on me and I dislike Ima with a passion.

And finally – Stahl. She’s willing to sell out her co-worker and lover to cover her own ass and reclaim her promising career? That’s cold. Stahl is one of my favorite female characters on television right now – she’s a stone cold bitch, but she does it so well, and we can’t be sure that this particular ‘bad guy’ will ever get her comeuppance. Just when you think it’s due, she manages to turn things to her advantage. I can’t wait to see her lover’s reaction when she realises just how screwed she is.

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