ONE TREE HILL “Nobody Taught Us to Quit” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Nobody Taught Us To Quit"

ONE TREE HILL “Nobody Taught Us to Quit” Season 8 Episode 5 – This episode of One Tree Hill finds Nathan and Brooke struggling with their decisions to give up what they love and the One Tree Hill family coming together to help each other find what’s next in their lives.

This season has been particularly hard for the residents of One Tree Hill. Almost every character has lost something or had something taken away. Rather than dwell on that fact too long, however, they are dusting themselves off and moving on. This is mostly due to the support and encouragement they find from each other.

Julian is still working on his “What’s Next?” documentary and to answer my previous question, he has actually told the subjects about it and asked their permission to film them. Brooke candidly talks about her feelings involving the scandal and losing not only her company, but also her personal fortune. Nathan talks to Julian off camera and I am still not sure if he knows that Julian filmed him earlier on the court. Nathan suggests Julian talk to Mouth who has truly lost everything. Mouth, desperate for anything to do, let alone exposure, gussies up his presentation until it is totally unbelievable. However, when Julian finally gets him to just be himself, even Julian is bored with the lack of subject matter.

What I liked about this episode was the strength and consideration that the characters had for each other even when it seemed they did not have any strength for themselves. Nathan finally admits to Clay, after everyone including Jamie telling him he has a problem with avoiding things, that his back is damaged and he will not continue playing basketball with the Bobcats. Rather than being angry or disappointed, Clay tells him his health is more important and is encouraging. In turn, when Nathan finds out Clay is too hurt to run his agency and is going to turn over his clients to his former agency, Nathan steps in to help. Is Nathan as a sports agent the next step? Finally, during his press conference where Nathan announces his retirement, he refuses to take any questions and directs them all to Mouth’s podcast which then sees a 2000 percent increase in traffic over night.

Brooke has her own press conference to give which is especially hard for her as Victoria is furious at her for giving everything up and has resorted back to her previous attitude, calling Brooke stupid and not wanting anything more to do with her. Haley reminds Brooke that her mother has always been like that, but everything that Brooke has ever done has been a cry for her mother’s love and acceptance. Finding strength from her friends, and even from Nathan who is also giving up everything he loves, Brooke confronts her mother and tells her that she is cutting her out of her life completely if she cannot accept her decision. She then tells Victoria that what’s next is up to her.

Two minor plotlines involve Chase discovering that Alex is leaving to film a movie in a week and it is a movie about a bartender. Of course, she knew about it before she took the job at the bar which one can only assume means she used Chase. Naturally she denies this and says she really likes him, but have we ever known Alex to do something that did not have some kind of motive behind it? Chase doesn’t like being lied to and breaks up with her. Alex leaves for her movie, but we know she will be back. In the meantime, Mia is finding it hard to deal with seeing Chase and Alex act all lovey dovey and has even made a voo doo doll with Alex’s face on it. Haley wisely books a gig for her in Portland so they can get away for a bit. Speaking of Portland, did anyone watch the crossover event on Life Unexpected immediately following One Tree Hill last night?

I liked this episode of One Tree Hill. I like how the writers are giving the characters each other to rely upon and to bring them back up and give them strength. Even though it feels like things are ending, I am sure it is just time for new beginnings and it will be interesting to see where each character lands. On a side note, I used to wonder what Clay would look like without the spikey hair. Now I wish he would get it spiked again. Also, I don’t think Quinn is going to get much sleep in that house, do you?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of One Tree Hill? What are your predictions for what the characters will do next? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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