LIFE UNEXPECTED “Music Faced” Review

Life Unexpected (CW) - Music Faced

LIFE UNEXPECTED “Music Faced” Season 2 Episode 5 – Tonight’s episode “Music Faced” of LIFE UNEXPECTED is a crossover episode with One Tree Hill. There are featured performances by Sarah McLachlan, Ben Lee, Rain Perry, Bethany Joy Galeotti and Kate Voegele. Was this to get more viewers to watch Life Unexpected? For some reason, I’ve never considered the two shows to have the same target audience. In any case, I am just glad that it was a subtle endorsement, not a whack on the head takeover of the show.

Ryan hosts a Portland music festival where Cate meets producer Haley James Scott (Galeotti). Baze and Emma get stuck in concert jail trying to meet Haley. Ryan discovers that Cate is still reluctant to have another child in light of her past with Lux. Baze and Lux are troubled by the prospect of Cate being pregnant. Lux still holds on to the possibility of a relationship with Eric, who meets his date Paige at the music festival.

First some random thoughts on this great episode:
Did you catch the amusing reference to Roswell?
I am so glad that Eric is trying to steer Lux in the right direction, despite her attempts to change his mind.
Those are two really good scenes between Lux and Tasha and Cate and her mother. You could feel the tension – anger at the truth mixed with fear of the truth.
Tasha is the comic relief tonight. It’s funny when she uses “Slux” to describe Lux. I’ve been wanting to pull up Lux’s shirt for the past two episodes.
Lux has needed a good cry since last season.
Tasha and Jones kiss! Now how is Lux going to take Eric’s advice and break the cycle by choosing the right guy?

A nonexistent baby wreaks havoc on Life Unexpected tonight. The thought of Cate having another child brings up issues that force Cate, Baze, Lux, and those around them to look reality in the face. This episode is a self-contained therapy session, a brilliant stepping stone that allows the characters to finally move on with their lives in upcoming episodes. This opens the door to more plot, fresh storylines, and different character interactions. The feelings experienced by the characters (specifically Cate and Lux who deal with parallel emotions) run the gamut from guilt to acceptance. Somehow the show is able to deal with blame and trust issues in one hour without seeming like it gives the problems short shrift. So now Cate, Baze, and Lux finally see that they have been waiting around and holding back. It’s time to see how everyone decides to move forward.

Did you enjoy episode 5 “Music Faced” of Life Unexpected as much as I did?