BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Fighting” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better With Fighting"

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Fighting” Season 1 Episode 4 – This week’s episode of Better With You tackles the issue of what is the “right way” to fight when you are part of a couple. The answer seems to be, whatever works for the two of you.

Mia and Casey finally have their first fight about his perptual lateness. This is after Maddie tells her that she has to nip these things in the bud and establish rules early on. Ben and Casey discuss their tactics in dealing with arguments with women and Ben tries to impart the wisdom he has learned from dealing with a Putney girl for nine years which is basically get out of the way. Casey has another idea which involves stripping naked after all “you can’t argue with a naked person.” Mia tries her hardest, but has to admit he is right. Casey 1, Ben 0.

Speaking of Ben, he and Maddie choose to pent up their frustrations and then explode later. When Ben orders yet another useless gadget from the internet, Maddie explodes and points out all of the other useless gadgets he has collected. Ben then points to her huge trunk of useless board games. Somehow this sparks an idea in Maddie’s head for she and Ben to act as fighting role models for Mia and Casey. They invite the family to dinner and badly act out a fake fight. As awful as it is, it gets Mia and Casey talking and they reach a compromise. Unfortunately that makes Ben angry because he and Maddie never compromise. What happens next is about nine years of pent up frustration and anger. Maddie reacts the only way she can to stop it, by going fully nude in front of the entire restaurant. Apparently that does work.

On the other end of the spectrum, Joel and Vicky have their fighting down to a science. They pretend that they don’t fight and instead act out by hiding each other’s stuff. First it was the book that Vicky was reading that prevented Joel from getting a good night’s sleep, then it became one of every pair of earrings she owns, his golf clubs, her tennnis goggles, and even results in Joel sneaking home during the family dinner to hide the pantsuits. In the final scene, we see Joel and Vicky facing each other naked and wondering why that works. In fact, Vicky says “this just makes me angrier.”

I am still loving this show. My favorite scene was Ben and Maddie’s badly acted “fight” in the restaurant. When Vicky said “Oh god. You are not taking acting classes again,” I laughed out loud. Sometimes I think I could be a laugh track for this show. My favorite line from tonight is courtesy of Casey who wonders when Mia will get her “super human strength” from the pregnancy. Another favorite is when Casey wonders why Ben is “being a helicopter.” I really like the mixture of cluelessness and maturity that Casey seems to have.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Better With You? What was your favorite scene and favorite line? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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