THE EVENT “A Matter of Life and Death” Review

The Event 104

THE EVENT “A Matter of Life and Death” Season 1 Episode 4 – Sean and Agent Collier escape from the field office with one gunman in tow. They break into a high speed shootout (high speeds being about 40 mph, it seems) and he gets shot in the shoulder, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash. They go on to a small town, where Sean finds internet access and gets into the FBI database. They track down a house one of Vicky’s aliases have been paying rent on and go there. But instead of Vicky and Leila, they find her son and mother. With reluctance, Vicky’s mother hands over a phone number for her daughter. It has a Colorado area code.

Leila is moved to a new house and locked in the basement, but not before Vicky’s accomplice breaks his beer bottle. Leila finds one of the pieces and cuts through the binding on her hands, allowing her to punch Vicky, take her gun, shoot her and escape. She comes across a policeman who takes her to the station and makes allusions to her being crazy. But after Leila calls Sean’s cellphone – and gets voicemail – we find that the police are working with Vicky and her accomplice. The broken glass was planted, the gun was filled with blanks, and it was all a ploy to get Leila to contact Sean and draw him into their trap.

Meanwhile, the passengers of the Miami-Brazil flight are being interrogated after waking up from their death-like states. Pilot Michael Buchanan is being kept separately; he tells Sterling that he doesn’t care about anything except his daughters’ safety. None of the passengers – or Michael – remember what happened after taking off in Miami. They’re kept in a medical facility and seem well enough – until they start waking up with severe nosebleeds.

The President gets a call from Thomas who tells him that he wants the 97 alien prisoners freed. He goes to see Sophia who tells him that Thomas is dangerous, and the President should give him what he wants. He refuses.

I spent the entire episode thinking that everything was just too convenient. It felt like sloppy writing. Then we were given the reveal – Becky and her accomplice were actively giving Leila a way to free herself. That was a relief, but let’s just look at Sean.

In episode 3, Sean is told that the only way to access the FBI database is from inside the building. Yet in this episode he is able to hack his way in from an unsecured wifi connection way (way) outside the building. And at the end of the episode, his cell phone runs out of battery power just as Leila tries to call him. While the Becky reveal was good, these convenient coincidences were just a step too far, for me.

There were some interesting little moments: Becky’s son asking Sean to take a photo to show his mother was heartbreaking; I was actually glad when she turned up alive because I hoped her son would get to see her again. The Sterling/Vice President animosity was intriguing, but we need more from them to really make us care.

There’s a lot going on in The Event. Too much for forty-five minutes each week. Every plotline is fighting to get something out there, but very little actually happens. Even Leila’s storyline, which was the most eventful of the episode, was about five minutes of things actually happening. Either focus needs to be honed or storylines need to be combined, I don’t mind which at this point.

At least flashbacks are being used sparingly now, and though seemingly uneventful, they did hold something interesting. We see Sophia appear to drink – and Sean definitely drink – red wine in separate flashbacks. But in another flashback, we see Sean react badly when he takes a sip of scotch. Could this be a possible alien ‘tell’?

Overall, a good episode and probably my favorite of the four aired so far. The Event is starting to grow on me, and if the scope narrows and we can get a little more out of each plotline per week, I can see it becoming something I look forward to viewing.

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