RAISING HOPE “Say Cheese” Review

Raising Hope (FOX) "Say Cheese"

RAISING HOPE “Say Cheese” Season 1 Episode 4 – Sabrina falls in love with the Chance family’s brand of crazy while looking at their family portraits on the “Say Cheese” episode of RAISING HOPE. Jimmy’s hoping she’ll also fall in love with him as they’re drinking their red wine with Twizzler straws (!) and Shrinky Dinking (Must get some).

Okay, my family never did the portrait thing (for which I’m suddenly very grateful), so I have to ask, are themes–outside of Christmas cards–a normal thing? The Chances have ancient Greece, French (berets and all), farmers, surfers, skiing, and intellectuals. Awesome.

Such a fabulous Virginia episode and Martha Plimpton lets loose. Just the way she says “okey-doke,” jaw clenched more each time, kills me. “Let’s see how much crazy she can deal with.” Scary. Like Sabrina, I totally love that she has no idea she’s the nuttiest one. The radio war between Burt and Virginia is great, but my favorite thing is that even after she’s kicked in the radio, she knows when she’s beaten and she joins in the sing-along. That she only wants a perfect portrait because she thinks that proves a family is happy breaks my heart a bit, but I think most people look at other families and think they’re so much happier or more together than they are. They rarely are, so yay, Sabrina, for pointing that out.

We see Maw Maw before the Alzheimer’s set in and she wants little Jimmy to promise to take her out in the back and shoot her if she ever gets as crazy as Virginia. Does thinking she’s having a baby count? Hee. What two pound, three ounce thing did Burt deliver, by the way? Oh, and speaking of Burt–love the balloon game and Virginia popping it because she doesn’t want him breaking her record–sweet.

I admit it–I’m a total sap for sweet endings, so I love the insanely happy family portrait courtesy of the stop light camera (wack a do, wack a do, wack a do) and especially the Shrinky Dink mobile. Because all happy endings should have an edge, Virginia’s “You waited too long–just like Ross” is the perfect touch, as is Hope’s wail at the very end.

Which was nastier–Jimmy eating his hair (and eyebrow!) or Maw Maw’s “Giant tree branch” of a hair? Actually, the more I think about it, the more I would vote Maw Maw’s inverted nipples. Just the mention makes me shudder.

Favorite lines: “You’re totally couch-blocking me,” “Let me walk out of here and no one has to pay a finance charge,” “Maybe I should go before we all end up on Dateline.” What were your faves?

Another hilarious episode with just the right amount of sweetness. I love that I feel happy after watching Raising Hope and I would rather spend time with the Chances than any of the families Virginia wishes she could be more like.

What did you think of “Say Cheese?” What was your favorite bit?

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