Parenthood “The Booth Job” Review

Parenthood (NBC) The Booth Job

PARENTHOOD “The Booth Job” Season 2 Episode 5 – The Bravermans are all looking for something in the “Booth Job” episode of PARENTHOOD. Camille and Zeek are looking for a way to connect, Julia and Joel are looking for a night without Sydney in their bed, Kristina’s looking for support, and Sarah is looking for love in the wrong darn place.

Kristina and Adam: How heartbreaking is it when Kristina weeps because the other parent essentially tells the exact story Kristina would have if she hadn`t been so nervous? I’m glad we’re seeing the sadness and loneliness that comes with being a parent to a child with Asperger’s in addition to the stress. I love Kristina’s shock and irritation (“I’ll tell Phil you said hello”) when her guilt trip on Adam fails, but of course Adam eventually goes to the support group–he’s Adam. Was there any doubt? It’s still sweet, though.

Julia and Joel: Joel’s feelings of suffocation are definitely not gone, and I’m glad he’s so up-front with Julia about what he needs and why and I love that Julia not only listens, but understands. One of my favorite moments of the episode is Julia explaining the love bubble to Sydney. I’m enjoying Julia much more this season than I did last, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe it’s just that Joel is more developed so she isn’t so overwhelming.

Sarah: It’s great to see Sarah excited about work, studying with Amber (how cute is that scene?), and schmoozing like a pro at the trade show. She’s so grateful for the chance that it makes me sniffle, but why oh why does she have to kiss Gordon after all but dismissing Mike? Ouch. I’m sorry, but I don’t like creepy Gordon, and not just because that relationship is a disaster waiting to happen. He’s much too icky-slicky. Of course, just imagining Adam’s angsty ranting makes me smile. That part could be fun, but oh, Sarah, no.

Crosby and Jasmine: Jasmine freaking out after seeing the “perfect” couple come out after their interview at Sydney’s school and grabbing the rings out of Crosby’s hand is too funny. From the look on her face and despite her declaring they are perfect as they are, she’s ready to wear a real ring and Crosby is so very close, too. Just not quite close enough yet. Oh, and Julia and Crosby are funny together and need to be paired more.

Zeek and Camille: Interactive and intimate are two very different things. Hee. Poor Camille–she wants to dance, but she’s not very good at it. Tony is, though, and he and Zeek trip the light fantastic. Zeek comes through at the end by really looking at Camille’s painting, though. He really does hear and see her this time, and it’s lovely to watch hope bloom on “Millie’s” face.

Amber: She is so brave and trying incredibly hard. I just want to hug her. It’s tough to tell a friend what you need and how she’s hurting you, but Amber did it perfectly here, and she’s incredibly thoughtful to her mom, even when Sarah is suspicious. Plus, she rocks the ukulele. Dumbass Howard owes her a refund.

This is how I like my Parenthood: with a nice balance of light and heavy and storylines that parallel each other without feeling overwhelmingly similar. The previews for ext week’s Halloween episode look good, too.

What did you think of The Booth Job?” Are you Team Mike, Team Gordon, or Team “Sarah should finish getting her act together and move out of her parents’ house before picking a guy?”

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