NCIS “Royals & Loyals” Review

NCIS "Royals & Loyals" Review

NCIS “Royals & Loyals” Season 8 Episode 4 – A Petty Officer’s body is found in an old hot tub and his stomach has been opened as if someone was looking for something. Ducky finds a bit of hundred dollar bill in the body and Abby discovers that the bills are traceable with a special powder that is only detectable with a black light and are emitting radio waves – both signs of CIA involvement.

It turns out the Petty Officer was assigned guard duty to watch over the money on a British ship and they’re not inclined to let NCIS on board to investigate. Gibbs and the British Navy’s liaison officer don’t get along and soon all their evidence begins to point towards the man as their killer. The officer is actually Mi6 and eventually goes to Gibbs for help, claiming he didn’t do it. So Team Gibbs investigates further and finds that the woman running the CIA ops was switching out the CIA traceable cash for the payroll on the British ship, a clever method of laundering it so she could keep it for herself. When the man on guard duty figured it out, she killed him.

My favorite bits…

Ziva getting McGee to install a new security system and it catching Tony trying to sneak into her email.

McGee ducking Tony’s headslap and Tony getting headslapped from Gibbs at the same time. That was a slick move.

Palmer and Tony giggling over an I Love Lucy episode while getting ready to pull a body out of the water. What’s inappropriate about that?

Gibbs stopping Tony and Ziva’s protests about working together by saying he’d rather be fishing and to just do it.

Palmer slicing into the lung and telling Gibbs he was making a lung sandwich. I know it’s wrong and kinda sick, but I totally giggled at that.

Gibbs having to yank Abby out from under table and help her with a bad charlie horse after she tried to make like a circus performer.

Tony pointing out to Ziva if he’d paid a dollar every time he apologized for being him, he’d be loaded. You know, I don’t doubt that at all.

Gibbs going from being nice to not-so-nice to the British officer in about a half a second.

Gibbs correcting the officer and telling him he was more like Gary Cooper than John Wayne.

Vance calling the SecNav before the Gibbs and Malloy before the two of them “got into a saber duel in the parking lot”. Aw man, I kinda wanted to see that. Maybe he should have let them have at it.

Malloy saying he wasn’t going to hold the fact that McGee was an Irishman against him. As an Irish girl myself, I appreciated that.

Vance assigning Ziva to be the Switzerland between Gibbs and Malloy.

The way Gibbs said “dinero”.

Tony telling Ziva that he was watching the pheromones ooze from her body.

Tony mentioning Bond, as in James Bond, and Ziva saying she wasn’t into bondage.

Ziva asking Malloy for permission for a “quickie” (as in search) before the ship left. LOL, naughty.

Gibbs brandishing the wrench and saying “there’s no such thing as luck” when Tony said it was lucky the ship had to be delayed due to problems. Oh Gibbs, you clever man you.

Abby accusing Gibbs of taking a bite out of the crabby apple tree.

Malloy showing up in Gibbs’ living room. Seems like everyone has his address these days.

Gibbs telling Malloy that he had ten seconds before he “accidentally” shot him for trespassing.

Tony and Malloy getting into a discussion about some great British actors.

Gibbs giving Abby a bear hug after she found out about the pollen connection. I especially enjoyed the extra growl he gave when he did it. So sweet!

Tony joking that he’d warn Ziva’s new beau to “be careful” and “handle with care” before settling on the sweeter “contents priceless”.

Tony not being able to help himself and attempting to break into Ziva’s email again, setting off all kinds of alarms. Who wants to bet that he’ll still try it again? He’s like a little puppy. LOL.

Another great episode of NCIS. Loved the Abby stuff in this one and though I’ve heard some people griping about her maturity level I’m just going to say that I think she’s spot-on this season. Abby has always had fun at her job (okay maybe not right in the very first eps of season one but come on, none of the characters were fleshed-out at that point) while still being a professional. If she suddenly became all serious she wouldn’t be Abby and I like Abby the way she is.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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