MELISSA & JOEY “In Lennox We Trust” Review

MELISSA & JOEY In Lennox We Trust

MELISSA & JOEY “In Lennox We Trust” Season 1 Episode 10 – This week’s episode of Melissa & Joey finds Mel disappointed in Lennox’s choice of friends, but her attempts to steer Lennox in the right direction prove that you cannot always judge a book by its cover.

Mel is upset that Lennox’s latest group of friends have a lot of piercings and won’t say hello to her when they come over. Mel decides that she will bribe Lennox to attend a boring city council dinner to meet some of the do gooders of Toledo a/k/a nerds. Much to both Lennox and Mel’s surprise, a young, handsome and charming boy is in attendance. Further sweetening the deal is the fact that the boy, Brett, is the mayor’s son. Mel throws all rules aside when Lennox announces that she is going to meet Brett and his friends, but when Lennox arrives home early, Mel soon discovers that just because kids look and act like good kids, doesn’t make them so.

Joey, the protective father Lennox and Ryder never had, decides to confront the mayor about his son’s boozing, partying and sexual advances toward Lennox. When the mayor chooses to believes Brett’s version of the story, that Lennox is a sex crazed boozing teenage girl and talks badly about Lennox, Joey jumps over the desk at him. Later at home, Mel questions whether they should trust Lennox’s version of events. After all, Lennox is a teenager and we all know that Mel was a partier and a bad influence in her days. Joey concocts a team attempt to violate Lennox’s privacy and read her email. The emails confirm Lennox’s story. Unfortunately, Mel and Joey’s snooping is outed by the elderly lady that Ryder has invited to the Burke home for the weekend to fufill a 40 hour community service requirement for school. Lennox, angry at the violation, proceeds to then text Mel her every move. Mel’s attempts at bonding with Lennox only result in Lennox texting and tweeting Mel’s deeply hidden secret.

As you know, I am not the hugest Lennox fan, however I was not disappointed with this plotline at all. Even though the “you can’t judge a book by its cover” storyline can be cliched, it definitely holds true with today’s teens. Long gone are the times when a piercing signaled a troubled youth and a preppy outfit equaled a studious rule following teen. I also like how the show incorporated the technology used today including texting and tweeting. (Fun fact: did you know that both Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence are on twitter?) Another thing I am enjoying is Joey’s transition to calling Mel “Burke” instead of Mel. It seems that much more initimate and even family like. I think that the Burkes and Joey have formed a great little family and I really enjoy watching their antics every week.

So, of course, we must discuss some of our favorite lines from tonight’s episode of Melissa & Joey. One of my favorites comes from Mel upon seeing Ryder with Mrs. Geller, the elderly neighbor: “What’s with the great gran-cougar?” What were your favorite lines from tonight? Did anyone else notice that the mayor was played by Ted McGinley, the legendary Jump the Shark actor? I have always liked him and since Melissa & Joey just recently got 10 more episodes added to this season, it does not appear anywhere near jumping the shark.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Melissa & Joey? Are you excited about the additional episodes for this season? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.